Tuesday, July 10, 2012

july 2012 ten on ten::moving day

raise your hand if you think that summer is flying by waaaay too quickly.
{my hand is raised}
our days have been filled with cookouts, friend's houses, painting, more painting, trying to stay sane in the midst of the intense heat{last two weeks}, and the general busyness that comes with everyday life. 
and about that hot weather...
i was starting to feel like i was in the middle of a long winter spell here, not being able to go outside and all.
the kids were plopped down in front of the t.v. way more than normal, i did too much sitting around looking at walls{hence the painting}, and i was generally pretty crabby some days feeling stuck!
do you know that feeling?
well, praise the Lord, the 100 degree weather has left us for now, and the upper 70's have been feeling pretty good.

you would think that i would have plenty of time to sit down and chat with you, but the days filled up fast with lots of other things and so i haven't gotten to share very much with you.
let's catch up...
*we got chickens!
*i found a really cool chalkboard at a garage sale and humiliated my kiddos.
*i got to have coffee grown up time with a good friend that i don't see very much.
*we picked jalapenos from our garden!
*i have been failing miserably on my summer plan. :/  boo hoo.  
the heat and my general laziness have really gotten on the way of running.
*AND i have absolutely not been eating 90% raw.
ummmmm......going to cookouts and awesome friend's homes for dinner{or the drive in} makes it really hard to eat raw.  there may be self control issues in there, too.

so, now that i've given you a teeny update....let's get on to today!
nathan was home, and we promised some friends of ours that we would help them move.
we did sort of a trade, even though we would've helped them anyway.  ;)

starting at 9:00 a.m.{ish}, here's my day in pictures.

beauty in the ordinary.

because it's there, even when i choose not to acknowledge it.

elly winding thread for her latest hobby, embroidering

library day {and a jokester}

on the go breaky/lunch

moving time! 

taking jack to his ENT appointment

the new house! 

bathroom break

blessed to know her

 supper at my fave place to eat...too lazy to cook

 back home in my haven...jammies and all.

it's off to bed for me girlies....this is one tired mama.


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy birthday, kindred!

it was just about two years ago when we pulled up into the high school parking lot 
next to each other in our matching ghetto cruisers(heehee, remember?).
we joked from a distance about the sillyness of it all, mentioning our hopes to soon have vehicles that would fit our families 'legally'.
hers was a loud, old truck(which she still has and loves), 
mine was a gold escort wagon graciously given to us in one of our greatest times of need.
now we have matching vans.  :)

our daughters played on the same home school volleyball team, and as we chatted it up on the bleachers 
we had NO clue that those first few conversations would blossom into such a needful friendship.
for both of us.

she has six children.
i have four.
they match up perfectly.
they are all BFF's. 

and today, i proudly call this woman my best (girl)friend.
she is a true gift from God.
He knew that i would need her.
 and He knew that she would need me.

"Two are better than one:
 for if they fall , the one will lift up his fellow:"
Ecclesiates 4:9,10

she has taught me a lot about friendships.
she is an amazing hostess.
she is as transparent as the day is long, and that is one of my favorite things about her.
she is so real.  it makes me want to be more like her.

she is super fun.
she has a magnetic personality and people are drawn to her. 
she's a hugger, like me(match made in Heaven).

we can cry together.
rejoice together.
complain together.
then apologize for complaining, 
and be honest with one another. 
i love that.  
like we can be completely honest, and that's rare.

she loves me despite my faults and many quirks.
she makes the best cup of joe around.
we've sat up late many a night, drinking coffee until we can drink no more, chatting about spiritual things.
her food is to.die.for.

i have watched God stretch her faith in these past two years.
 stretching that would make most people fold.
but by the grace of God, not her.
she is not afraid to proclaim Jesus, despite the heartache and trials.
God knew that my faith would be strengthened by seeing His awesome power and ability to make what would seem to be a hopeless situation, hopeful, bearable, and even beautiful in SO many ways, 
all because of Him.
beauty for ashes.

oh! and she also lets me post pictures of her on my blog.
(wait...did i ever ask?)  :)
but you know what?
she is too much of a blessing not to share.

so forgive me, k, sandi?

happy birthday to you, sweet friend.
our friendship has changed me for the better and i thank God for you.
we may text more than we talk these days,
but in true kindred form, we are always together in spirit. 

love you.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


happy 4th of july!

today i am contemplating freedom,  in more than just one way.
i thank God for blessing us with this wonderful, free country.
for His protection unwavering, and blessings abounding.
for giving us founding fathers whose reverence and fear of the Lord have allowed us to experience His blessing each and every day, year after year.
may we continue to uphold the moral standards that we were founded upon, and never, never give up on the Truth that truly sets us free.
i also thank those men and women who have fought, suffered, and died, true patriots, who did what it took to keep America the great free country that She is today.

last, but not even close the the least, i want to thank Jesus, for dying on the cross and freeing me from my sin, because i asked Him to.
the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.  forgiveness, and an eternity with Him.

have a blessed day, friends.