Wednesday, February 20, 2013

welcoming spring chick:::a bloggy shower

pardon me while i dust off the cobwebs from this little space of mine.
life has been on fast forward for several months now, but since celebrating the birthdays of all four of our kids within 35 days of each other, i am ready for it to slow down.
i am thinking slower paced, less stressed and calm.
we shall see about that!  :)

today is all about partying again, though, and blessing one of my dear sweet friends.
  it's going to be super fun!  
alicia from la famille, is only EIGHT weeks away from welcoming their lil spring chick into their quiver.  
i met her through...wait for it....BLOGGING!
she has a super great sense of humor and is just real.  i love that.
because we can't get together in person(wouldn't THAT be grand?), we thought that having an online 'bloggy' shower would be the next best thing!
how fun is that!?!  
click on the image below to head over to becky's house.  she is hosting this fun party and has lots of fun stuff over there!
there are several other women attending today, so go check them out!

welcome to the party!

if you were coming to my home, i would be in a panic frenzy right about now...
the coffee would be brewing and i would have treats waiting for you to munch on, my favorite candle burning, and faint music in the background.
it would be so much fun!
i adore party planning and details, so i would have banners hung and chalkboard art somewhere!
but best of all, i would get to hang out with you and rub alicia's belly(that sounded funny). just go with it.
i love babies, i love alicia, and i love big baby bellies.

when i first started thinking of some things that i wanted to make for this sweet one, my mind wandered to a mobile.
something knitted, perhaps?  maybe felt?  feltED?
then alicia foiled all of my plans when she came up with the cutest mobile on the planet!
i should have known!  (overachiever)  jk, a!
so instead, i made a different kind of 'mobile'.
i cut stars from an antique french grain sack and strung them from bakers twine on a branch.
each of the six stars represent a family member...every one different and unique.
their lights shine brightly through personality traits and their uniqueness,
 but together, as a family unit, they weave a beautiful, tight pattern like the grain sack itself.
i cannot wait to witness the uniqueness that spring chick will bring to this family!
if you notice there are seven stars...that's because the brightest, most uniquely gifted and powerful One of all is God...right in the center...guiding this family and blessing them with His overwhelming goodness.
babies are a gift, you know?

so maybe we should talk gifts now?
ok....grab your coffee and have a's time to unwrap.
alicia, you go in the middle.  :)

alicia is registered at target.
it's so fun to see what she picked out and what she makes us feel closer, you know? 
well...she pretty much needed everything because the sweet girl got rid of all their baby stuff when they moved across the country!
i picked up a blanket from targy(not on the list...rebel!), because it was neutral and striped and well, i just love neutral and stripes.  
seeing as we have similar tastes, i trusted my gut. 
we also picked up a few onesies that WERE on the list.
my daughter made them extra special.
if you want to bless her, too, than by ALL means head over there!

then i spotted these chicks at marshals and well...the rest is history.  :) 

and no baby could possibly survive without knitted moccasin booties.
my daughter made these as well.
are you seeing a pattern here?

does anyone need a refill on coffee?
another bar?
becky, you wanna reset the music?

maybe we should play a game now.
one of my favorite shower games is to make up baby names out of the letters of mama and daddy's names.
in this case it would be out of ALICIA and JARROD.  
i don't know if they've settled on a name yet, so i thought i'd help them out...wanna play?  
also, *note alicia* i am doing this in list form, because i know how you feel about lists.  :)

it's good to see i haven't lost my touch, huh?!  
i think i gave them some very viable names to work with here.
a-rod is my personal favorite.
my husband pointed out that rod would suffice, but i think the 'a' gives it more of an 'alicia' feel.  teehee!
feel free to add to the list in the comments below!
let's keep this one going, peeps.

alrighty, friends...
let's see what alicia has decided on for her nursery theme.
it's FAB! 

 i absolutely adore this calm and neutral pallet that she has chosen.
it's something that i would totally pick, too!
below is the ADORABLE mobile that she lovingly handcrafted.
isn't it PRESH?!

in honor of her sheepy theme, i made a few printables for her to hang in the nursery if she'd like.
i know new mamas can have long nights and need extra encouragement.
what better way to be encouraged than by our wonderful, merciful, Savior 
and the ever flowing fountain of peace and grace that only He can give.
scripture is like a balm to the soul and i pray that these will bless her.  :)
they look the best when printed on linen paper and i think they look really cute hung with simple washi tape.
i also thought they would be cute clipped with mini clothes pins on a strand of twine.
easy up...easy down.

i think this just about wraps up the party...i'm kinda sad.
do you really have to go?
wait! i want to leave you with this...

dear miss a,
you have been so much fun to get to know through blogging and i am blessed to call you my friend.
i am so excited for this baby...this wonderful gift that has been entrusted to you and your family.
i cannot wait to watch His plan unfold in your life and to see where He guides you.
the future may be uncertain for us all, but there's one thing for certain...
He holds the future and we can rest in that.
His plans, His ways, are higher and greater than ours and better than even we can imagine.
i hope you know that you are loved.
so. very. much.


mar bear

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