Sunday, October 6, 2013

life after death || my ultimate Hope

i woke up feeling under the weather this morning and was informed by my daughter that a sweet, sweet girl, Phoebe Fair, had been taken home to Heaven last night. she fought a long and hard battle with cancer, but last night God said, "it's time to come home, my love", and i imagine the mysterious and glorious transition from earth to Heaven.


you see, like all of us, she had an appointed time to be born, and she had an appointed time to die. Jesus always keeps good on His timing and promises, and it was Phoebe's time.  our family was only made aware of this sweet girl and her family a few months back, but as fellow members of the family of God, we were privileged to hold them up in prayer, bearing their burdens from across the country, because of that One bond we share in Christ. that will never cease to amaze me! 
so, today we weep not for Phoebe, because she is more alive than ever and stands in the presence of her Creator. she is perfectly whole. healed. made new. what HOPE! what we must not forget, is that she left behind a family. we must, must, MUST lift them up in prayer. we must hold their feeble knees and pray healing for their broken hearts. death is swallowed up in victory, but our humanness feels the sting of loss. Phoebe's life was not in vain and neither is her death. i have witnessed miracles in and through the Rock solid faith of her parents. i have been forever changed because of sweet Phoebe's life. 

praying friends, please join me in praying for Phoebe's family.

to read more of her story, you can go to the family blog:::

(jack's bulletin board)