hi, i'm mary

hi, there.
my name is mary and i have been blessed beyond my deserving.
i have found healthy hope in my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  
actually, He found me.
He has transformed me into a new creature and i am forever changed.
He wants to change you, too.  :)
He has captured my heart and without Him i am nothing.  nothing.

i have an amazing husband, really amazing, who i don't deserve, yet love so very much even though sometimes i don't show it.
he loves me so well.  the agape kind.
a rare, Godly man with true character.

we have been married for 15 years and we have been blessed with four treasures from Heaven.

elly is 14, and my twin.  she loves all things that i do and is growing up way too fast.
she can read my mind, she knows my moods, and she can finish most of my sentences.  
time, please halt.

maddie is 12 and my little teacher/friend maker.  she teaches me new things all the time.
Lord willing, she will reach her aspirations of becoming a teacher/missionary.
heart of gold, that girl. and she always has an 'entourage' following her around.

jack is my compassionate little 9 year old friend who struggles in between being a tough guy and the little tender heart that God has given him.   sweet, sweet boy.

henry is 7 and our class clown.  our surprise baby that makes me laugh everyday.  he can make the most mundane/tense/dull situations laughable and hysterical.  i love that about him.

streams in the desert(devotional).
cold press coffee.
home school.
eating healthy.
essential oils.
garage sales.
creating(our shoppe!)
vintage everything,

there is so much beauty in this world and i am learning to find it in the small, precious, in between moments of life.
i wear my heart on my sleeve.
i just can't help it.
i am a hugger. i will hug you.
i tear up easily these days. it doesn't take much, friends.

our life is far from perfect, but God fills in the gaps and His grace is completely sufficient.

i am so blessed to have you with me on our journey towards finding and living our healthy hope.