Friday, November 9, 2012


i'm not gonna sugar coat this, dears.
this has been a hard week for me.
the results from tuesday were exposing my faithlessness in all sorts of ways.
one minute, i'd be walking on water{trusting!} and the next, i'd be in sackcloth and ashes{faithless!}...crying out to God.
as i was curled up in His lap late tuesday night, He calmed my fears, brushed away the tears, and i realized that THIS is what He wants from me all the time.
my complete attention and dependence.  
eyes fixed Above.

of course, all of this uncertainty and crazy turn of events is happening in the midst of the season of thankfulness, and there's nothing better to turn a frown upside down than a mile long list of blessings that are completely undeniable.
so here are a few of my #capturingourblessings from this week.
i have been playing along with rebekah on instagram and i am loving it!

first off, my privilege to vote.  i was able to give the kids a lesson in this as we went into our tiny town voters booth tucked in the basement of independent living apartments.  
there's plenty of old ladies with candy, and the cutest little americana curtains that i'm pretty sure one of them sewed to hide the old school write in voters stations.
i didn't get a sticker, but i felt a deep sense of pride knowing that i exercised my right to choose whom i feel would best represent this country with the morals and standards that are closest to those that God would be pleased with.
america is truly an amazing country.  we are blessed.

i captured this sweetness in the kitchen.  having a loving, Godly father for my children is an absolute joy and blessing.  He loves his children fiercely and always points them to Him.  always.
seeing the daughter/daddy love just about puts me into a puddle.


in typical God fashion, He had this package of blessings delivered right to my door step on wednesday.
wednesday would have to be the peak of my faithlessness this week.  
i mourned certain losses, and was melancholy at best.
a few weeks ago, i had seen a giveaway via one of my favorite blogs, Dreamy Whites, so i hopped over here to enter.
as it would turn out, i was the winner among many people who entered, and the timing was so appropriate.
His always is, you know?  He loves in the details.  and i love details.
maria is such a sweetie, and to say she has impeccable taste and incredible gifts would be an understatement.
in my package, i received a beautiful moroccan market tote, a monogrammed antique french linen sheet, two antique french linen pillow cases, soap, a lavender stuffed french grainsack pillow and a sweet sachet of lavender.
all of these treasures are my fave.  
head over to her shop to see more.

having a Bible believing, Gospel preaching, family of brothers and sisters in Christ is an absolute blessing.
we always go to prayer meeting on wednesday nights, 
but this night in particular i craved fellowship with my friends more than ever.
i needed love.
i needed encouragement.
i needed comfort and solace.
and that's exactly what i got.
if there is ever a time to seek God's face, it is now.  
Christians must band together and fight the good fight NOW.

this one may have been stretching it, but as i FINALLY sifted through ginormous piles of laundry, i couldn't help but be thankful for the bodies that fill these clothes that i so carefully fold into neat little piles.
you do not even want to see the mountains that remain, but i made a dent and that is always a good thing!

as i shake the dust off of my feet from this disappointing and rather difficult week, 
One thing remains the same throughout the crashing waves and uncertainty that lie ahead.
yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same.
all may change, but Jesus, NEVER.
glory! to His name!

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.
 Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
 Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
 For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.
Psalm 100

we, as a country, may have changed and forfeited His blessings by choosing 
sin and self indulgence over obedience to Him and His Word, 
but those who have put their faith and trust in Him have no need to fear.
the events of the week have been a call to action, friends!
a catalyst to GO and BE the hands and feet of Jesus, fearlessly proclaiming His name 
God cannot use those who sit, paralyzed in fear and complacency.
i do not want to live in fear and with constant worry.
so i will trust, as well as i know how.
i will spread His hope and the Gospel to the unreached that need to know.

we are SO ready to
who do you know that needs to know?
are you with me?


vintage marquee 'GO' letters found at this fun shop!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. many presidents...only one King...and an everlasting one at that. disappointed with tuesday's results too, but not that shocked. i decided something on wednesday: in 20 years from now i'm sure every terrible thing we can imagine will be legalized...we have very little control over that overall. what we do have control over is teaching and reteaching our children what the bible says and why that's what we believe. at this point in my life, my mission field is my children and those around me that i can influence. praising God that He alone has all the power.

  2. How sweet of the Lord that you got a present on your doorstep on Tuesday ... just when you needed it. And Dreamy White's stuff is so beautiful.

    It is a lot to process - all that is going on in our country. So much to pray about.


  3. your boldness in your blog posts inspire me to be more open with my faith! thank you!!

  4. I have felt a sense of hopelessness this week. A feeling of defeat and a bit of anger too. Your wonderfully wise heart inspires me dear friend! love you.

  5. Our hope is in the truth that God is still on his throne....I'm with Alicia....many presidents...ONE KING.
    Your boldness is beautiful.

  6. I thank God for YOU,,,I love you Mary Krause!

  7. thanks for sharing. it's been a tough week in our home too...considering the results. I just kept saying, "Have we gone that far from you Father?" Just like the Israelites....thanks for sharing though...I def want to make a thankful tree!!

  8. Love your music. Love your style. Love your blog. Love your heart. I had the sentiments after the election. I couldn't take the comments on facebook. I piut my trust in Jesus and Jesus will carry us. I'll be back friend!! xoxo

  9. You said it perfectly sister. :) It was a hard week for me heart has been heavy. so many ways throughout the week I heard God whisper, "I am still in control." And in the end of it all we know that He wins. :) Hugs!

  10. oh, i love this so.
    thank you for sharing your heart so openly!

    much love & many blessings.

  11. Amen, sister! It was a tough couple of days for me too. I think I was seriously in a state of depression. The only thing that can pull me out of it is Christ! He is the only sure thing in this world!

  12. hey the fact that you are AWARE that it was eating at you in negative, icky ways is BEAUTIFUL mary, thank you for sharing this. that's the problem with politics, is it tries to change POLICIES and laws, and regardless of what those ARE, we are after peoples HEARTS, and so is God!!!

    Have you ever heard the song KING IN A KINGDOM? By Derek Webb? SO good and SO Truthful and helpful.

    Love you friend.


  13. love that you shared what's been on your heart. that was a rough day and definitely a wake up call for all of us. you are so right that we are called to GO and to go BOLDLY. (love that you have that next to your world map!) We are not given a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. Praying for you and i posted some pics of your sweet package on my blog :) xo


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