Thursday, August 25, 2011

inspirational wall art

hey, friends.
i have been totally inspired by SO many amazing blogs lately.
there are some majorly talented people out there and i love to gather inspiration from them.
i have been having so too much fun playing around on pinterest, too.
like i need anything else to distract me.  sheesh.
i was inspired by some cute wall art that i have seen around the block...

awesome hallway gallery courtesy of young house love.

i love this guest bedroom and the inspirational wall art from layla at the lettered cottage.
i love everything this girl does. she is overflowing with creativity!
SO! i decided to make some of my own inspirational wall art.
they are all just ideas at this point, but it has been so much fun creating them!
i can't wait to put our new ikea frames to good use. :)
check it out...

can't you just see them all in different sizes and frames on a wall?  
{of course all these ideas have come from lines or titles of our favorite old hymns, or wise words that we never want to forget.  i hope i will  be greatly encouraged by seeing them everyday and put them to use in my life!  we all need reminders, right?} 
i want to mingle them with family pictures and maybe some fun numbers or letters?  

i heart numbers and letters.
here's a few i found on pinterest...



oh! and i can't wait to show you the print that i ordered from this sweet girl on etsy.
she is amazing and has made me an 11x14 print for my wall, too.
imagine this.
i pinned her photo to my pinterest and she lives 40 miles from me?  
small world, eh???  :)
hopefully it won't be long before i can show you the end result!
much love.


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