Saturday, August 27, 2011

true love

happy saturday, friends.
my kids are currently running from end to end of the house, dangling from the chandelier, making monster, tiger, growling bear type noises, and quite possibly climbing up the walls.  eeeek.
they always seem to get crazy hyper after lunch.  go figure.
someone save me!
*note: the hyper spree just ended with a violent kick to someone's eyeball.  on accident of course.  sigh.*

on to today's dish...
don't you just love summertime?
i especially like harvest time when friends and family are sharing all of their wonderful harvest with us.
my husband keeps coming home with  bags of tomatoes, cucumbers and {a few} zucchini.
we had very good intentions to have a garden of our own this year, but between the fact that my hubby and i can't agree on the size{he wants an acre, i want a few plants of each vegetable*for fun*}, and that our lives were a blur when the poor guy had to work 3rd shift the first part of the summer, it was a no-go. three months never seemed more like three years in my life!
so, here i am.
thankful to have people that bless us with their amazing bounty.
{the cukes are in hiding, but believe me, there's a lot.}

there's nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden. don't you agree?
one of our favorite things to do for lunch lately is to cut up cukes and tomatoes and eat them with spreadable cheese on crackers{or those little rubschlager slices of bread} .  yum.  it's like a little gourmet treat.  our favorite cheeses are local spreadable cheddar from the Food Co-op,  and  boursin brand spreadable spinach and artichoke dip from our local grocer.  double yum.  

not only does it taste amazing, but the kids love it and it is a great way for them to get their veggies.

 {ok.  i'm going to deviate for a minute here.  i found a super yummy new hummus and it is DELISH!}
me+spicy chipotle hummus+organic blue corn chips=true love

do you have any yummy simple things you do with your garden veggies?
hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Because I am a dork and bored at work, I'm going thru some of your old posts and besides the fact that I think we might be "Sistahs from anotha Mista"- I could eat that lunch up there, E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. For real. Looks so good and so glad that the growing season is here! :)

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