Saturday, August 11, 2012

who needs the zoo..

...when your friends down the road ask you to do chores!?
of course, i didn't do the chores.
i was on important photo taking duty.  

well, hello ladies.

sir stinks a LOT!

goat milker.  photo taker.  see how this goes?

pig hole.  #disgusting

the outdoorsy ones.

ummmm...were you guys raised in a barn?

God's country.

 the 'in'doorsy ones.  :)

ironically, this cat's name is midnight

well, hi.


milkin' time.

love him. #farmeratheart




 black market raw goats milk.   not really.  ;)

how fun is that?
maybe i can convince the kids that we don't need to go to the zoo now.  
think they'll go for it?
happy day, friends!



  1. Well, here you
    are! Loved these
    sweet pics, just
    like all the cute
    ones on Instagram.
    How fun to have
    these kinds of

    Happy, happy

    xo Suzanne

  2. Love this post! What a great sight! All of God's creatures under a barn. There is something so beautiful about that! :)
    Ps. I watched Farmageddon- finally! so the whole black market, goat's milk comment..........yeah. I hear ya, loud and clear! Ha!

  3. hmmm...i don't know if i'd be the right person for that job, but taking pictures sounds nice :) your summer list is coming right along. when do y'all go back to school? we're not starting til september 10.

    ps: i've been wearing my new necklace everyday...i love it!!

  4. I dream of farm life until I smell a pig and then I call the whole thing off.

    Pictures were so great!

  5. all of these are so AMAZING MARY!!! aaaahhh I love them all!!! What cuties, and stinkies hehehe

    so these are all your neighbors or yours? I know you have chickens and maybe a goat, but???

    Your pictures are really really good, I think you are onto somethin here!

  6. I would definitely be the photographer too! :)
    I have often thought I would like to live on a farm . . . but I'm pretty sure it's too messy for me. Ha!
    Looks like you guys had fun!

  7. Ha ha! Indoorsy! That is so me. Anyone who know me at all knows that I hate bugs and sweating :)
    The pics are great! I think the animals are adorable but I would also be behind the camera!

  8. What a lovely environment to raise children in!.


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