Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'round here and the best chocolate peanut butter pie recipe in the universe!

'round here we've been sleeping in and cuddling with little people who like to sneak into my bed.

'round here sisters have been getting along(mostly!) and spending time together.
this photo was not staged.  

'round here we entertain heroes at breakfast.

'round here i've been fluffing and cutting fresh blooms off of my bushes.

'round here i've been nursing a broken/disjointed pinky toe.  
i stubbed it on an old metal school chair one night and thought i was going to die.
over two weeks later, it's finally healing!

'round here brothers have been playing well(for the most part)
and can you even believe how big they are getting?
i can totally see how they will look when they grow up in this picture.
little men in the making.

'round here we took a trip to our favorite thrift and it didn't disappoint.
$12 later, we had all this and much more.
maddie found the perfect vintage birthday gifts for her friend and eleanor found two 
long skirts(dad approved) that are super cute!

'round here(in an effort to rest my toe) and hang out with the kids more, we watched my favorite movie #ofalltime,
pride and prejudice.
can you say couch potato?

'round here the kids have been painting quite a bit.
a little summer art, if you will.

'round here we brushed up on our schoolwork.  
everyone is thrilled as you can see.  :)

'round here, i have been loving this IKEA mag.
i can find about 10 places i would put that fabric covered hanging lamp and so much more.


'round here we have been trying a whole lot of new recipes.

and some people don't appreciate the abundance of eggplant and summer squash in their soup.

so a few weeks ago, i went and bought a smash book with the intention to use it for a special recipe book.
then i saw carissa had done the same thing!
how cool is that?

my girls hunted down a recipe for silken chocolate peanut butter pie that was dairy free, so it met the qualifications to go in the smash recipe book....IF we made it and loved it.

well, we made it, ate it, loved it.
end of story.
now you have to, too.


1 cup non dairy dark chocolate chips
1 package tofu(we used 12 oz. firm tofu)
2/3 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup evaporated cane juice(i'm going to try agave nectar next time)
1/2 tsp. vanilla

graham cracker crust

you can make your own which would be best using earth balance instead of butter
you can buy one at the store like we did for times sake and just make sure you pick one with the least amount of ingredients(no dairy for us)

1.  melt chocolate chips on low heat...let cool
2.  place tofu, peanut butter, sugar and vanilla in food processor or blender until smooth.
3.  add cooled chocolate and blend again
4.  pour into crust and refrigerate until firm.
5.  garnish with raw peanuts

i kid you not, this pie tastes like the dreamiest reeses peanut butter pie EVER.
there will never be enough of it.

hope you try it!



  1. love, love your vintage candy machine. :) also, in the midst of making a recipe book...seems to be in the air as of late. :) AND that pie look super yum! blessings!

  2. i heard that pinky toes are the worst - when broken! no fun. : ( glad it's on the mend, finally! and that pie. i dream of making it! i better! thank you. : )

  3. OH no! hope your toe is feeling better! youch, i hate stubbing my toes! and that pie looks delicious!! might have to try that out!

  4. It sure looks lovely in your neck of the woods! Seriously- what sweet sweet days!
    Sorry about your toe- yowzers!
    LOVE all the treasures you found at the thrift store.
    And I think I might have gasped a little when I saw your 'jaw teasers' machine- I think it's perfect!
    My maggie had the same 'tude about dinner tonight. :)
    Blessings to you sweet friend!

  5. I forgot to get mysmash book this weekend.

    Love all of your pictures. Especially loved that vintage gumball machine. SWOON.


  6. Ok, so love the smash book! I just bought one on clearance from Michaels last weekend and it was for weddings. I plan on doing something for our small wedding since there were no professional photos.(we were poor and sooo young) I got it for $6 and its so cute!
    We need an IKEA so bad! The closest one to me is Chicago :(
    Sister love is the best! Makes me wish I had a sister!
    Love you girl! Hope you are having a GREAT day! xo

  7. i want that pie.


    i looked at those same canvas/easel combos and thought they we too cute.

    sorry about your toe. i have a toe stubbing phobia. #deepfears

  8. So much goodness packed into one little post. #swoon

    Pass me some pie please. Yum!!

  9. i think i really need to give that pie a try and quit judging it LOL!!! Your girls are so precious for cooking and baking and knitting, my daughter is complete opposite, but that's OK that's what makes the world go round, !!!

    I love your son plugging his nose :o when new cooking is going on!! hahaha

    Really sweet things happenin in your summer---it's coming to an end quickly...


  10. Oh my, I've been missing what's been going on 'round here at your place. I always love it and always leave refreshed. My girls and I have watched Pride and Prejudice so many times we've lost count. Love. it. SO sorry about your toe....that happened to me a couple of years ago and it too foreva to heal. Your pie looks scrumptious and I would so eat all that abundant squash and eggplant in my soup... what do kids these days know anyways?!?
    love you Mary.
    ps. My husband says you have great taste in music. I've been catching up on your posts and he's been listening to the music. Who is that playing on the second song? Is that a recording from a church service?? We both LOVE it!

  11. There's my pie!!
    Thanks, again, for
    the recipe : )

    What a sweet post
    about those small
    but meaningful moments
    at your house....love it.

    Happy Tuesday!

    xo Suzanne

  12. oh my that looks so yumm!! and i love these glimpses into your home--just lovely :)


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