Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Class:::2012-2013

it's been a while since i posted, huh?

i thought i'd pop in while the kids are busily and sometimes distractedly(?) doing their school.
my besties daughter came over the other day and snapped some pictures of my class this year.
it was very impromptu, so the kids are wearing their everyday duds, and their hair isn't perfect, but i love them even more for that because they are au natural.

8th grade

6th grade

3rd grade

1st grade

i am SO happy to have these!
also, here's a peek at out school room.  
aka...the dining room.  

i switched some of my curriculum this year to My Father's World and we are LOVING it.
to say that i haven't been overwhelmed at times would be a lie, but overall, we are adjusting nicely.
my oldest, elly, has a heavier work load this year which is a challenge, but totally doable.
we are finding our groove and the Lord is blessing us along the way. 
if you think of it, pray for patience for me!  i need all the prayers i can get.  :)
hope your having a great day!
missed you guys lots!



  1. Ah, Mary ... those are adorable faces.


  2. such cute captures of your littles. :) my sis uses "my father's world" too. this is her first year as well and they are loving it. :)

  3. You know I'm praying girl! So glad you posted! I got SUPER excited when I saw a new one from you in my feed!:) Your blog is the girl!:) Can't wait for more posts;)

  4. love your school room.

    miss you too.


  5. such cuties they are. your school/dining room is so lovely. i adore seeing snippets of your home. your style is wonderful! like, i wanna steal it. ; )

  6. I admire you, Mary - you've already come so far in your homeschooling venture! Looks like a happy place to work - fun styling on those shelves back there :)

  7. Yeah!!!! I have missed your blog posts so much!

    Your kids are SO adorable! I mean really really precious!

    And your school room is SO inviting! I love everything about it! Especially the teacher!

    I will most definitely keep you in my prayers girl!


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