Saturday, September 29, 2012

it pays to get up early...sometimes.

first things first.
thank you all so much for your love and encouragement about our home and story!
you all blessed my socks off and i am completely humbled by your kindness.
i had some major nerves about it, until i realized that it wasn't about me, it is all about Him.  will i EVER learn?  :)
God is so good!

so for today...
i'm not much of a morning person.
at all.
if you saw what i looked like in the morning, you would for sure run away.
it's not pretty, girls.
i mean, i think it's really unfair that some girls wake up and look fabulous!
not me.  i can't see until my contacts are in, and my hair is a WHOLE other story.
i wish i was a morning girl because my life would be so much easier,
but it's something that i constantly struggle with.
yesterday, i was forced to get up at 6a.m., so that i could have jack to the dentist by 7:30a.m..
once i got my eyeballs in and showered up(coffee in hand), 
i realized that there are some pretty awesome reasons to be up before the sun...

sweet time with my sleepy boy.
he is such a trooper, i tell ya.
i love spending time with just one.  i can say yes to the gas station smoothie, and yes to the front seat.
things that are normally no's...and it's so fun for me to spoil just one.
i feel like i look old in this pic...

you wouldn't know it from this picture, 
but we are headed to one of our favorite junk places. the 'amish walmart'.
aka.  junk heaven!

on top of the amish ridge.

we are so blessed to live in this beautiful country. 
i literally cannot get enough of this view.  
it's on the way to church, on the way to town, and every time, i gasp in awe of the beauty of it all.
fall is definitely my fave.
could someone pass me a pumpkin latte, por favor?

we even spotted a few fun fall 'campy' treasures while on our detour coming home from the dentist.
i wish i would have taken pictures of what the amish store looks like for you guys, but they were unloading lumber and i didn't feel like i could since they are against photos of themselves. 
BELIEVE me, this place is dirty, and you have to dig, sometimes deep, AND a flashlight would be nice because the back pole shed gets....well....dark and icky.
i dug out this retro water cooler and the red plaid camping grill below.
i thought they would add some fun pops of fall color and camp spirit.
i have never seen a grill like that before.  have you?
it's all metal and when you take the top off,  there is a little grill grate on top and a space for *tiny* firewood underneath. 
the holes on the bottom are where the ashes fall.
the best part?  
i got both for $5. yay!

so maybe getting up early isn't all that bad.



  1. WOW!! Those pictures are stunning! SO beautiful! God sure is handy with His paint brush!
    And you know I ADORE your fun treasures!
    What a special day!
    Happy for you!

  2. such lovely captures! the changing colors are so very lovely...that's one of the many things i miss about living in the midwest. :( i'm right there with you...not a morning girl at all...oh and the photo of you and your little is adorable!

  3. I may be jealous. Our leaves don't usually turn early because of the heat here. Sigh.

    Also, we live in Mennonite land and they don't have a could junk store for me to plunder. I can buy their tires, meats, cakes and home lovelies, but no junk.

    And... you don't look old.

    And... I have to put my eyeballs in first thing too.


  4. Loved this post Mary!! I so enjoy reading your blog! Love ya, Mari

  5. love that sunset pictures. and all the pictures, really!!! i agree... i'm not a morning person either, but little ones have made me a morning person (not by choice!). i'm learning to embrace them... a hard lesson for me!

  6. that surely is some gorgeous country. What colors. God is awesome. Getting up earlyis not my forte either. Summer time was all about sleepig in but the sat of a brand new home school year has gotten me up early... I am blesed to have those one n one moments early in the morn with my daughter. love your finds..pefect Fall goodies. Have a blessedweek. Mica

  7. What beautiful pictures!! I love fall and the beautiful changing of colors! Here in Michigan the trees are amazing!!!
    I am not a morning person at all but we are up early as we leave the house at 7:10 to go to school.Where may I ask is it that you live??

  8. Those scenes are seriously delicious! I love everything about Fall and those SCREAM fall!:) And you DO NOT look old in that pic up there, you look radiant! For Real! And nope, never seen such a cute grill before. And if you are like me, like I know you are- you will simply use it at decor and not actually to grill!:)

  9. I am loving the look of your Fall over there in WI, so similar to ours! And I really love your's different than mine but I really like it Mary!

  10. it makes all the difference to get up early.

    i ashamedly admit that i don't do it often enough....working on it.


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