Thursday, October 4, 2012

teachable moment

i had a teachable moment yesterday, but i just realized it today.
and i'm talking about ME being the student here, friends.  again.

the opportunity came and went for me to show God's grace to my daughter as she struggled with a new writing curriculum.
i happen to love all of our new school stuff this year, by the way.
i feel like we are learning more than ever, and that it fits us just perfectly.
thank you, Lord!  some years we try things, don't like them, switch, and get all confused for a time, but hey, that's the beauty of homeschooling. 
what works for one may not work for another.
and i'm talking about kids here.  they each have their unique talents and strong suits, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. 
kinda like us grown ups.
and one of my weaknesses is patience.  and giving grace.  the list goes on and on....

all her book was telling her to do was FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.
that's it.
she just started this book, and they are teaching some very basic, obviously very needed principles.
i cannot tell you how many questions i have received from the kids regarding something as simple as reading the directions!
so as she struggled to figure it out, i vowed to NOT help her, because the answer was so simple, it lay right before her eyes, if only she would READ it and reread it again, and again until she understood.
i mean, I understood it, her sister did, too, but she just could not grasp the concept of following these directions.

it was so simple!  too easy, maybe?

this morning as i'm pondering my failure in patience and grace yesterday, the Lord whispered(of course kindly and patiently),
"you're just like her.  i tell you to read the directions all the time.  you have all of the answers right before you, but you cry and rail for answers and Truth constantly.  you say you don't know what to do about certain things, you just don't get it, but the answers, the directions, are all laid out for you in my Word.  you need to just read and re-read until you find your answer.  keep searching, don't give up."

isn't that the Truth?  i sorta love it when He does that.
sometimes i really just need to get back to the basics.



  1. It is for sure the Truth, and that is what is so beautiful about you, His daughter, so faithful looking for a teaching moment during homeschooling your children, I love it!

    Dig the new lay out too btw, super cute:)

  2. You were speaking right to my heart this morning sistah!

    I too struggle with that whole patience and grace thing.

    Thank you for the sweet encouragement this morning!
    I needed it!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. homeschool moms have so many more opportunities {in my opinion} to show grace to our kids since we are home with them all day long. it's a struggle for sure!! sometimes i even get frustrated when they can't do something i think they should know but i haven't had them practice! i'm the teacher so who's fault is that???

    i'm glad you're posting again!!

  4. so good. and i love the blog make-over. :)

  5. Oh girl. There is such truth in that! Keep reading and then read some more. I am terribly bad about that too. Always want the direction or answer RIGHTTHISMINUTE!
    Oy! Thankfully God is patient with us, and forgiving and has a sense of humor:)

  6. Oooh, I really love this, Mary.

    Also, do you know that you routinely make my little day? You really do. Thanks so much for your kindness and encouragement.

    And yes, I should be sleeping right now. Why do you ask???

  7. So brave of you to share these moments with us. Confirms to all of us mamas out there that we are not alone. Love you for this! I struggle greatly with patience/giving grace to my kids. So much so that sometimes I feel like I need to seek professional help!
    ps...i love the new much.

  8. homeschooling has provided more teachable moments than you can imagine for me.
    parenting in general...whether homeschooling or shows us our hearts...who we really are.
    there has been nothing in my life that has shown me my great need for a savior.

    they are such gifts to us....I wish I operated out of that truth every second of my day.


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