Friday, December 21, 2012

Our home for the holidays:::CHRISTmas 2012

come on in, friends.
it would be really fun to have you over in real life for lattes or cocoa,
but since that won't be happening this year, here's a little peek into our home.
we have had so much fun decorating for the birthday of our Savior!
only three days left!

my friend, jennifer, made the adorable twine star garland.
it's totally me and i love it so much!

this year, i broke down and put a star on top of our tree.
we have always had this simple wooden angel that i just LOVE, but nathan and the kiddos really wanted a star.
i made this one with twigs, twine, red dogwood branches, hot glue, and floral wire.
then i added a small strand of lights to make it SHINE!
we all love it.

the kiddos made the glittery chain garland out of pipe cleaners.

nevermind the dust on that cupboard!  :)

making these orangeaments was our favorite project this year.
i was inspired by this sweet girl over here.

i'm keeping this Christmas cactus alive and thriving.  a Christmas miracle!!!

i made these wreaths last year and decided to bring them out for Christmas, since i couldn't find any reasonably priced boxwood wreaths.

i have to admit, i have really dropped the ball on the advent this year. :/
i made this last year out of an old $1 cork board, some fabric,
ribbon and those little boxes from michaels push-pinned into the cork.
simple and fun!


thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today.
i pray that your Christmas is filled with His blessings and all those you hold dear.

we are so ready to celebrate!
are you?



  1. So cozy and lovely! Merry Christmas!

  2. oh so very lovely, mary! i have some of the very same vintage christmas ornaments that you have in your bowl. :) have the merriest of christmases! hugs and love!

  3. Oh girl, I would SO LOVE to come on over for some coffee in your super cozy home! You know i LOVE all your sweet vintage touches. Your family is so blessed to have such a loving, cozy and beautiful home! Merry Christmas sweet friend!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL. Awesome job! and merry, merry Christmas

  5. i can almost smell those dried oranges from here. :)
    love every detail of your home at Christmas.

  6. How beautiful is everything. I am in love, your home is amazing. I missed this during the Christmas time, but I'm glad I dropped by. New reader here.

  7. Oh my goodness, i'm in LOVE with this room. You bare a sense of HOPE and light with all your decor, I love it:)

  8. I was reading the comments on Meg's blog about craft weekend & saw yours about a new shop so I was looking around your blog & I AM IN LOVE with it! LOVE every single bit. I'm now following along :) lovelovelove it

  9. I was looking back at this post. Do you free hand what you write on your chalkboard??

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