Wednesday, December 12, 2012

all was calm, all was Bright

nathan and i finally had the opportunity to brave the stores(alone) and finish up(mostly) our Christmas shopping yesterday.
since giving gifts is my favorite, i have NO trouble seeking out treasures that i feel will best suit our loved ones and friends.  
money is always the issue.  always.
i would love to give SO much more materially, but that simply cannot happen and frankly, it's just not the point.
truthfully, i need to give more of my time and compassion to others, and they would probably appreciate that more than a gift card or any sweater that i think is just perfect.

it took a few minutes for us to get our brains aligned and really make some progress on our list.
does that happen to you?
in my frantic desire to provide someone with the perfect gift, i found myself entangled in the same lies that lead to the distractions that completely take my mind off of the Reason why we are doing this all anyway.
i get irritated with my poor hubby as he yawns and seems completely unstressed.
why isn't he stressed!?
then i get even more riled up over my assumption of his disinterest in it all, when, truthfully, he had it all right.

when i headed into target for the second time and heard jingle bells blasted for the millionth time, in the seventeenth version, it didn't take long for a still small Voice to ground my footing and become seriously grossed out by all of the commercialism that has completely overtaken the world.

i had fallen prey to it's lies and it made my heart hurt a little.  or a lot.

and then that Voice reminded me very clearly...

it wasn't like this that night.
it wasn't loud.
it wasn't flashy.
it didn't have glitter and music and a parade to make His presence known.
He was the Perfect Gift.
He still is.

all was calm.
all was Bright.

and as the Savior, our Rescuer, came into this world, He bore a burden so great.

it was us.
our sin.

so as i reassessed the day, and the hunting of the perfect gifts, the stressing over it all, i felt a great peace.
a peace that comes from the realization that Jesus broke the chains of death and sin for me, so that i don't have to be a slave to my sin anymore.
He has given me the victory.
forever and ever.  

but yet with the peace, came a very grave realization that not all have this Peace that i know.
my heart breaks for a nation that takes Christ out of Christmas and replaces it with meaningless nothingness.
even more reason for me to GO, tell and love.

and so i share this little vignette with you that is in my dining room.
a visual reminder of the Gift that was given to us over 2000 years ago.
the One that would forever change the course of this world.
One that can never get overplayed.

bear with me if i sound like a broken record over here.
He's just too good not to share.



  1. your house is amazing.


  2. tears at your realisation...He is the perfect gift!

  3. Share away friend. That truth is simply the best gift we'll ever receive. Your house is brilliant. I need to learn how to make gorgeous chalkboard art...cause that is art!

  4. I really like the "chains shall he break" ... the stark chain and the flowers. Such good truth.


  5. your home is beautiful..such a sweet representation of your heart.

    that visual of the chain and the promise that he breaks our chains was almost too much for me when i saw spirit said YES!!!! He breaks our chains!!!

  6. i too talk myself down just like you
    i get caught up in materialism, worry, losing my focus
    and throw in some PMS and kids and and
    and I am all upside down
    He is so faithful to help us refocus..cleanse us and set us back on
    the right road.
    love your home and that verse...that is ENOUGH for me so next time I get all upside down
    I will remember that...HE broke my chains...#itisallhim

  7. Very moving!
    Homa Style is having a 12 Days of Christmas link party going on now. I would love it if you linked up your holiday display. The link is

  8. i adore that you and your husband got to do some things on your own, SO good for you!

    Your home has been fun to watch this season, as you've decorated and added new things, I just love it, so so much. I long to come spend a day with you Mary. Even in the cold of winter I'd love it.

    I've taken a new approach intentionally about this holiday madness. I've specifically worked on being mindful, and not stressing about a thing. I just a day or so ago bought my first presents, until then I hadn't ONE! I've also not stressed or worried about what I'll make or what I'll decorate etc..I've been minimal. I also haven't let not going to a cookie bake bother me, I made cookies myself, and had a holiday night with my girlfriends. I've just been really laid back, and other years I worry and stress, so it's been nice.

    Love you sis,


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