Friday, January 11, 2013

10 photos on a special 10th day

yesterday was january 10th.
fifteen years ago yesterday, i married my honey on the COLDEST day of the year!
the bubbles we had were freezing in the air and dropping to the ground!
my husbands tricky brother lathered our old car with butter and food.
we left our reception early because i hate being the center of attention.
i'm thankful for days like yesterday.
days that aren't out of the ordinary, but yet, they are.
days we remember and reflect on years gone by, and all of the blessings that we have experienced.
but not without heartache.
when you're in the middle of 'life', it's so hard to see things in the big picture, but looking back, our vision seems 20/20.
we can see how God led, protected, and why He allowed the things He did.
i'm SO thankful that He is in control!

here's our day yesterday.
we arent fancy.
i woke up excited to give my honey his small things, all handmade because that's how we roll around here.
i made him this card from inspiration i saw on pinterest.
it's true!

our lil jackaroo!  how cute is he?
he tortures his mama in the best way. makes me smile every time.
those eyes!

nathan + mary = true love  :)

i don't know where this came from, but it was good.

PROOF that God knows what we need, when we need it.
i sold a few things on consignment and it came to me at JUST the right time!

stress relief.
old hymns are the best.

mid day mess.

the cutest goodies arrived for henry's foxxy party on monday!
#mybabyisturningseven wahhhhhhhh!

the look on kit cats face says it all!

free cheesecake?  
why, sure!
i loved watching my family laughing all together at the table last night.
this is what life is all about.
it's also about paper plates at every meal.
i told you, we're not fancy!

so there you have it.
it was a good, good day.


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  1. your marriage is beautiful, as is your heart. i love hearing about what you've come through, what the Lord has done, and how He has lead you all the way. i'm so glad your day was sweet. xoxo.

  2. the simple things in life are always the best! love ten on ten to remind us to enjoy the ordinary. happy anniversary to you and your honey!!!!

  3. I love your laid back luv day. And paper plates? here too. Lots of times. Who has time to wash all of those dishes? not me!

  4. perfect day!! thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love simple days, too.


  6. what a lovely, lovely day! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That looks like the best kind of day!

  8. Oh happy day! How delicious and wonderful and blessed.

    That card!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Henry! That cake looks amazing!

  10. i love that you aren't fancy, proof we were meant to be friends. and that pic of Jack is THE BEST.

  11. paper plates here are the sweetest you know?
    i saw your K and realized we are both K'!
    the most creative party ever...foxes I mean and he does have the cutest eyes
    and 20/20 vision..boy if i knew what i know now oh but i wouldn't be
    who i am anyways
    big hugs across the blogwaves...xo

  12. precious 10 on 10, and I just love that pin wheel and your sweet anniversary messages.

  13. I love your sweet and simple celebration! (I found you from your comment on The Lettered Cottage). We like it simple and sweet around here too.

  14. Your family is adorable
    and I really enjoy walking
    with y'all on Instagram : )

    Congrats on 15! That's an
    awesome milestone.

    xo Suzanne

  15. What an absolutely DELIGHTFUL post!!! :-D I am so glad we e-crossed paths this morning, Mary. Your photos and writing are so wonderful...thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  16. good day indeed!

    girl did you do your sidebar buttons? i love the look and simplicity of yours and I don't have a clue. if you did could you give me a little tut? or heck I could pay you to add some to my blog. i'm having someone do some things for me, but she's charging $12 a button...that seems really steep since i want 7 or 8. let me know.

  17. what a perfect 10 on the 10th! so glad i stumbled over here. you seem delightful!

  18. happy anniversary. Looks like you guys had a perfect day to me.
    You have the sweetest little family. Love reading your blog and seeing all of your pics.
    hugs to you.

  19. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I left our reception early too! I couldn't handle all the people. If I could do it over, I would have had a much smaller wedding. (I did like how many presents we got though. Heehee)

  20. Mary! What a lovely post. It's funny how much I can relate to everything you wrote. I think we would make great friends. I was thrilled to see your beautiful face on my little blog. Thank you friend.


  21. love your pictures showing your day......
    it's good to be grateful for the simple things that make up our days together as a family.

    Happy Anniversary....praying for 50 more for y'all. that a Classical Conversations laminated map on the table that I see? We do CC, and it looks familiar to our maps. :)

  22. I love you more with every IG I see...and with every post I come across. You are real. You are simple. You are YOU! And I love it! Love the little card---so cute! make me drool on every pinterest pin you pin! I think I repin them all...better yet...I just say...I"ll just let her pin and go find it again on her board! ;)

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  25. I just found your blog, and I love it! Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully! You are so creative and full of Christ's love!! love katie

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