Monday, January 7, 2013

One for One:::A GIVEAWAY!

Good morning sweet friends!
Did you have a great Christmas or what?!
We sure did, and now that the dust has finally settled a bit, we will be diving back into school full time this week.
Pray for me, okay?  :)

You wanna know something REALLY exciting?
God has brought the sweetest people into my life through blogging and I am so excited to have one of my dear friends over here with me today.
Her name is Joy, and she blogs over at Small Town Joy.
Her faith completely inspires me, and she challenges me in the best way.
Proverbs 27:17 came to mind the other day as I was amazed at her realness and genuine love for and faith in  our great BIG GOD!

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Friends, meet Joy. 

Hello new friends! 
I'm Joy, from Small Town Joy, where I blog about my faith, family and our journey in foster care. I am a lover of Jesus, my main squeeze, and the little hearts I have been entrusted with.

My sweet man (Barry) and I are blessed to be the parents of three of the coolest kids on the block. Two "big kids" we call Jordan (15) and Riley (12), and one little sister we call "Pie". She's two. She's full of spunk. She's our foster child.
Our "Pie" has brought so much joy to our family. Our skin does not match, but our hearts match up just right. She has lived every day of her little two year old life with us. She knows no other family. We are hers, and she is ours.


The past two years have been filled with much wait and little activity. Her case has been a doozey and due to circumstances surrounding her case we felt God calling us to stand up and fight for protection our girl. After much prayer we hired a private attorney to help us stop the chaos surrounding this child's case and finalize our adoption.


In the past weeks things have begun to move very quickly. Our adoption will likely be finalized soon. It would bless our socks off if you would donate $1.00 to our adoption fund. Do it so that ONE child may have a forever family. ONE less child will be in foster care. ONE family will have their forever child. Your ONE dollar will make a big difference.

Our goal is... $8500.00 to finish off our legal fees and finalize our adoption. Every single dollar counts.

And one more thing, will you share about this fundraiser? We need your help to get the word out. My friends have joined up and put together a sweet little giveaway for those of you who SHARE about this fundraiser. You can earn entries for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your personal blog. You can NOT earn entries for giving. Skip on over to Kelly's blog and check out the giveaway... there's even a Kindle Fire!

Thank you so much for giving and praying and especially sharing!

God is good, all the time!

Isn't this exciting?
I sure hope that you will prayerfully consider donating, sharing or praying for this sweet family!




  1. i love joy and i'm so happy to follow their journey. i also liked what i saw when it said: "finding healthy hope, no etsy shop YET." so that means one is coming?! it better. : )

    1. That was my subtle attempt at encouraging her to start one! :)

  2. Thank u for sharing this beautiful families journey with us! There is really no point for me to share this on my blog since its so new and prob no one reads it! Hehe! But I will donate to this family for sure! And follow her blog! :) may God bless this family in a mighty way!


  3. Making friends through blogging has been such a sweet and wonderful surprise.


  4. Oh how exciting! Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm heading over right now!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas break. How did your first day back go?

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of this! The goodies you added to the giveaway are so great!

  6. such a beautiful story....
    her life will be forever changed...praise God.
    so grateful that God has given this sweet angel her forever family. so grateful they have been her constant!

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