Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Minute Hour'

Hi everybody!  I hope you're all having a wonderful day.  I just had to share the funniest little quote of my  day from none other than...THE TOOTHLESS WONDER!  Yes, Jack just lost BOTH of his front teeth in one week!  Isn't he cute!?!    :-) 
Jack is our seven year old, super sweet, tenderhearted little man.  He is so in tune with other peoples feelings and is a genuine caring soul. 
Last night, my husband was working on the computer and Jack REALLY wanted him to come and spend some time with him.  My husbands response was, "In a minute", to which Jack replied, "Dad, could you come in a real MINUTE instead of one of your minute HOURS?"
WHAT!?  Out of the mouth of babes I tell ya!  I just thought that it was SO fitting to how my kids probably feel a LOT of the time.  Sometimes I'm really good at saying 'in a minute', and it literally becomes an hour later!  I was humbled and reminded that my children's needs should come before my selfish desires. 

Today was also a 'catch up' on laundry day.  Well, kind of.  I don't REALLY think I'll ever be caught up on laundry, especially with the teenage years approaching.  *shudders*    lol
Whenever I start to grumble about the laundry, I am going to try to remind myself of how nice it is to have people to do laundry for. :-)  I am also going to be thankful for modern technology that allows me to wash my clothes quickly and with minimal effort.  I cannot imagine washing all of our clothes, towels, bedding, the woman in the picture below.  She looks thrilled, doesn't she?    lol
Now if only someone would fold it and put it away.  :-)

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