Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

Hey, friends!
I just wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things that were part of my lovely day.  :-)  I hope yours was lovely, too.

A few of my favorite things....
Fresh flowers...they seem to brighten almost any day with their spring charm...I found these at my favorite local FLOWER SHOP.    They always put me in a better mood!  
I can't wait to see these daffodils smiling at me tomorrow.

Decorating...I absolutely LOVE to decorate my home with primitive antiques, vintage finds, and other people's 'junk'. lol   There is something so much fun about rescuing something and transforming it into something beautiful for yourself.  I LOVE projects!!!  I can't wait to post some pics of my latest thrift store finds that I rescued for $1!  They are going to be some pretty cute Easter decorations when they are recycled into my decor!  
Here is some rosemary(YUMMY!) that I potted into one of my pewter pitchers.

This is a succulent Zebra plant that Henry picked out for himself today as we meandered through the beautiful 
greenhouses...all the babies were growing so beautifully!

Live plants just seem to make the house seem more cheery, don't they?

This is at the end of our hallway.  I LOVE ferns!!! 

One of the GREATEST lovelies of my day was getting to devour some of my mother-in-laws AMAZING homemade glazed donuts(FAVORITE THING).   I had impeccable timing today(UNUSUAL)...she was frying up a huge batch when I stopped by.  I told her that I must have smelled them from my house.  :-)  I definitely don't take that for granted...not everyone gets fresh, homemade donuts!  They were divine...hmmmmmmm...comfort food.
Thanks, Sharon!

Last, but not least,  I was reminded(and excited) that garage saling season is almost here(FAVORITE THING)!!!  Guess what???  I saw a sign for a garage sale and I ACTUALLY didn't stop!  SHOCKING!  It was a great reminder that summer is right around the corner and so is some fun junking!  Even though there was snow predicted for tonight(EEEEK!), it can't last long....the seasons ARE changing!  Ahhhh....I love spring!

Thank you so much to everyone who placed their Shaklee orders and are going to receive the Free Cinch 
Starter Kit!!    Let me know if I can help you in any way!!!  :-) 

“In the coming decades, the most important determinants of health and longevity will be the personal choices made by each individual.

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