Thursday, March 24, 2011

Personality Traits

Happy Thursday!!!  Just one more day closer to the weekend....AND a HUGE surprise that I am DYING to share!  No, I'm NOT pregnant, much to my sweet hubby's chagrin!  lol  It is just something exciting(to me) that is happening in our lives.  We have seen God do so many wonderful things and He is at work again!  :-) 

 About me....

I'm going to be real here.   :-)  As I sat down and considered actually starting a blog, I was flooded with lots of different emotions.  First of all, I have NEVER been the girl that is bursting with self confidence.  Immediately, uncertainties and worries entered my mind.  It sort of felt like the butterflies I used to get in my tummy on the first day of school or the sick feeling I get when I know that I've hurt someone's feelings.   Weird, right?  I mean, this was inspired by TONS of moms out there who like me, want to share ideas, encourage others, BE encouraged and have a place to put our creative side to use(besides jazzing up the macaroni and cheese in 47 different ways).  lol   It's not like I'm writing an article for a major magazine!  It's a BLOG for goodness sake!!!  There is just something in me that is a constant people pleaser, always wanting acceptance, love and to be 'liked'.  Would anyone read it?  What would they think of me?  Would I have 9,567 followers by Friday???  Obviously I needed to stand back and really assess WHY I wanted to do this.  Was it for my own glory?  Was I expecting praise?   So, with my heart on my sleeve(constant companion), and a super tender heart, I had to put aside MY feelings because after all, feelings cannot be trusted.  They are my human side making everything about ME when my focus SHOULD be on the One who created me in His image and knew my personality traits FAR before I was ever born.  I am unique.  So are you.  I lack in self confidence(and many other areas), but God makes up for that and more.  WHEW!  I could finally rest.  You see, when my eyes are on me and I let my pride get in the way, there is nothing but chaos and uncertainty.  When I shift the focus on Him, there is nothing but peace and rest.  :-)    Do you deal with the same issues?
Here is a favorite...

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

Psalm 118:8

With all that said, I, of course, hope   PRAY that you will enjoy my blog.  I will always wonder what people are thinking and if they like what this holds, but I will TRY to remain grounded about it and keep the right perspective!   I hope to use it as a positive outlet for myself and also as a tool for encouragement and learning, giving God the complete glory!   This is going to be REALLY fun!!!

I have to admit,  I am a little, ok, A LOT OCD.  You will notice this in future blogs about cleaning, organizing, ok, ANY aspect of my life!  lol  I do not expect this trait to wain anytime soon and it has already lapped over into this(squared)!  :-)  I need help!!!  I am THEEE  most non-computer savvy girl!  Everything I do is a result of trial and error and just 'figuring it out'.  If any of you out there have knowledge(I KNOW you do) in computers, gadgets, templates, etc.....LET ME KNOW!   haha   I am already going crazy over here trying to get a new font, add gadgets, links, etc... to this page to make it more useful and fun and I JUST DON'T know how(yet)!  Help me!!!!  Did I mention that I am also very impatient???  AND a perfectionist?  Oy.  I know what you're thinking, POOR NATHAN!  :-)  It's true, he is a saint!  lol  

Have a super fabulous day everyone!  See you soon!

Mary :-) 


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  1. Good Morning Dear Friend,
    I am so excited for you starting this new venture. I KNOW you will do great. You are an awesome friend with such a kind heart and loving spirit. I look forward to going on this new journey with you. Have a Fabulous Day!!
    Mari Moore


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