Friday, September 9, 2011

easy reuben squares...because I'm usually in a time crunch.

do any of you like reuben sandwiches as much as i do?
do any of you find yourself having like 2 minutes to feed the family because life has unexpectedly 'happened' again?
that happens a LOT around here.

anyway, what happens when a girl gets a hankerin'  for a reuben, she has a half eaten jar of {homemade} sauerkraut in her fridge, and some leftover rye bread slices?

supper in 20 minutes...or less.  :)

all i did was...

layer the bread slices on a baking sheet.
add a dab of thousand island dressing to each square.

add corned beef.
i choose fresh sliced deli corned beef because i don't like msg, or any added preservatives get obsessive about chemical additives to food that cause serious health issues. yuck.
that could be 12 separate posts right there.
moving on!

then i added fresh sliced baby swiss.
ripped apart because i was short on time  lazy.

top with theeee most amazing homemade sauerkraut made with lots of love by my awesome second mother.

wipe away the tears because the sauerkraut is gone and i actually shared it with the kids.

yummmy melted goodness.

watch them oooohh and ahhhh over the steamy, melted reubeny goodness that only took about 20 minutes from start to finish.
did you see that hank is holding his nose? haha!  he loved them but said they smelled bad!

i left a special plate{emphasis on plate} of these for the hubby in the oven.
i also left a few 'stragglers' on the baking sheet for myself when i got home.
upon my return, the plate and baking sheet were both empty.
i guess they were good. :) 
love you, honey.


p.s. are you loving my 70's orange counter tops yet?  can i just say that God is teaching me some major patience about having to wait on replacing them!?   in everything gives thanks. :)

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