Thursday, September 15, 2011

what i'm really thinking about

gyros and cheese curds, and corn dogs, oh my!
it finally here!
yes, my friends.
our county fair has arrived and although we are not going until tomorrow, i think you know what's on our minds.
tomorrow, we will bask in the fried, greasy goodness{haha} that we come to crave every year.
it's okay to indulge once in a while, right? :)
we will stroll through the barns and gather bags of free goodies from local vendors.
the kids will beg for rides and games and they will be satisfied with a few.
we will don our warmest sweatshirts and socks and be together.
ahhh. the best part. just. be. together.
even if it is crazy.

in order of importance, right?  
food, then buildings{minus the ferris wheel}!  :)

i took these pictures last week when we visited another fair for a few hours.
aren't we spoiled?
i coaxed my husband into paying $.50/person  to 'come and see' the baby Zebra, Diesel, inside the carnival tent. 
being skeptics, we thought maybe it was a joke like, 'come and see a man eating chicken', and when you go in,  there sits a man eating some bbq chicken or something.
we hesitantly paid our dues and crept in...around the corner, following the shadows.
score!  Diesel the Zebra was real and absolutely terrified to be there!  he was super shy and sweet. 
poor thing.
of course, my camera had died by then, so i didn't get a picture.  boooo.
the kids admitted that he was one of their favorite things about that fair{mom and dad were all on board because we got away with spending $3.00}.
did you know that it cost us $10 to play the dart game for TWO children.  oy.  $10!!!
needless to say, that was the only game they got to play.

so, what is your favorite food or activity to do at the fair?
clearly, you know mine.

well, is it obvious that today i will be dreaming of...tomorrow?
{insert 'Tomorrow' from the play Annie, here}.

and, for the record, i don't even like elephant ears, but i thought the stand looked pretty cool! :) 

i hope you have a wonderful day today, friends!


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