Monday, September 19, 2011

monday can be lovely

hi, friends.
how was your day{or how is it, so far}?
surprisingly, monday came in like a lamb and it has been rather productive and calm around here.
say what???
well, except when i {had to} yell at the kids{to keep working and stop running around} when i went downstairs to sweep the standing water.  oops.
they have radar, you know.
as soon as teacher steps away...the energetic kids will play.  :)

so, anyway, i have been really trying to focus on letting God rule my day.
after all, it is His to control, and life certainly goes smoother when i let Him take the cares, stresses, and burdens.

i wanted to share a few pictures of our {lovely} day.
not because of anything we did, all because of what He did.  :)

sharing{a teeny} morning coffee with the girls while the boys slept. 

i did some major cleaning this weekend, which inevitably leads to rearranging, 
which then leads to redecorating.  yay!
{except for the dusting part} ew.
here's a new school space we created in the dining room that is
much more functional {for me and the kids}
than the two new craigslist twin mattresses that had been laying against the same wall for weeks.
ahh...the girls room redo.  the project that never ends!  more on that later, though...
aren't those {thrift store} vintage flash cards adorable?
i'm also loving the string line that will serve as an ever changing art project display.

cutest little owl pillow i ever did see!
and my favorite dried lavender filled antique grain sack pillow. love!

jack officially deemed this area, 'his work station'.
no surprises here.  this kid is all business. :)

of course, by the end of school i was feeling crafty so we
elly whipped up some super sweet pinwheels out of vintage book pages.
i'm pretty sure i'm going to have these everywhere!

i added them to the little banner we made last week from vintage hankies.
they were $.10 a piece at the thrift store and we just mini clothespinned{?}
them onto twine.
i love this, because i can change things out simply without having to sew or cut into precious fabric.
this is a big deal around here, because i have the attention span of a 2 year old when it comes to decorating.  
i love changing it up. :)

morning Bible reading favorite...
"...but with God all things are possible."
matthew 19:26b

i'm pretty sure that i cannot grasp the awesomeness of what this verse really is telling me,
but with His help, every day i will seek to find out.
if God says it, than it is truth! 
He really can do anything.
thank you so much for stopping by today.
i appreciate you.


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  1. Banner with vintage hankies? How adorable! You sure seem to have a talent for decorating. I love the look of your home and the adorable things you have inside...the owl pillow is great!
    I have a lot of respect for home-schooling moms. I hope to home-school my kiddos someday. And you have time to be crafty, and update your blog, too? Go you!!!

  2. Isn't it just so much easier to get through the day with the Lord and His promises? Thank you girls SO much for stopping by. I am honored to have you here. :)


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