Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy birthday, kindred!

it was just about two years ago when we pulled up into the high school parking lot 
next to each other in our matching ghetto cruisers(heehee, remember?).
we joked from a distance about the sillyness of it all, mentioning our hopes to soon have vehicles that would fit our families 'legally'.
hers was a loud, old truck(which she still has and loves), 
mine was a gold escort wagon graciously given to us in one of our greatest times of need.
now we have matching vans.  :)

our daughters played on the same home school volleyball team, and as we chatted it up on the bleachers 
we had NO clue that those first few conversations would blossom into such a needful friendship.
for both of us.

she has six children.
i have four.
they match up perfectly.
they are all BFF's. 

and today, i proudly call this woman my best (girl)friend.
she is a true gift from God.
He knew that i would need her.
 and He knew that she would need me.

"Two are better than one:
 for if they fall , the one will lift up his fellow:"
Ecclesiates 4:9,10

she has taught me a lot about friendships.
she is an amazing hostess.
she is as transparent as the day is long, and that is one of my favorite things about her.
she is so real.  it makes me want to be more like her.

she is super fun.
she has a magnetic personality and people are drawn to her. 
she's a hugger, like me(match made in Heaven).

we can cry together.
rejoice together.
complain together.
then apologize for complaining, 
and be honest with one another. 
i love that.  
like we can be completely honest, and that's rare.

she loves me despite my faults and many quirks.
she makes the best cup of joe around.
we've sat up late many a night, drinking coffee until we can drink no more, chatting about spiritual things.
her food is to.die.for.

i have watched God stretch her faith in these past two years.
 stretching that would make most people fold.
but by the grace of God, not her.
she is not afraid to proclaim Jesus, despite the heartache and trials.
God knew that my faith would be strengthened by seeing His awesome power and ability to make what would seem to be a hopeless situation, hopeful, bearable, and even beautiful in SO many ways, 
all because of Him.
beauty for ashes.

oh! and she also lets me post pictures of her on my blog.
(wait...did i ever ask?)  :)
but you know what?
she is too much of a blessing not to share.

so forgive me, k, sandi?

happy birthday to you, sweet friend.
our friendship has changed me for the better and i thank God for you.
we may text more than we talk these days,
but in true kindred form, we are always together in spirit. 

love you.



  1. This is the sweetest post eva! Happy Birthday Sandi! What a blessing to have a friend like that Mary. I pray God gives me a kindred like that! I have some good friends but I am not sure any of them are at list level... this is so special. A treasure.
    ps...I have to force my self to be positive(its not something that comes easily) when it comes to my attitude. Just thought you should know that nugget of info about me after commenting on my last post. :)
    love! xo

    1. *list should read *this! darn typos!

  2. What a sweet, sweet, sweet tribute to your best friend!! It's an awesome thing to have a good friend, one that "gets" you. You remind me so much of myself that it's scary. Except that I don't have your awesome naturally red hair...
    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  3. such a sweet post :) we all need friends like this. i'm sitting here looking at a sweet framed scripture from a sweet friend i've never even met and it makes me feel so lucky to have amazing friends. xo,a

  4. This is so super sweet! Hooray for friends like this! :)

  5. What a nice post to Sandi! Happy Birthday! True friends are definitely a treasure. So glad that you have someone in close by to spend time with like that:) I hope one of these days I can squeeze both of your necks in person!:)

  6. What a wonderful wonderful friendship, how beautiful and blessed you both are, and you are giving all the glory to our Father in heaven!!! Such a treasure;) What a beautiful tribute to her, how sweet !


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