Tuesday, July 10, 2012

july 2012 ten on ten::moving day

raise your hand if you think that summer is flying by waaaay too quickly.
{my hand is raised}
our days have been filled with cookouts, friend's houses, painting, more painting, trying to stay sane in the midst of the intense heat{last two weeks}, and the general busyness that comes with everyday life. 
and about that hot weather...
i was starting to feel like i was in the middle of a long winter spell here, not being able to go outside and all.
the kids were plopped down in front of the t.v. way more than normal, i did too much sitting around looking at walls{hence the painting}, and i was generally pretty crabby some days feeling stuck!
do you know that feeling?
well, praise the Lord, the 100 degree weather has left us for now, and the upper 70's have been feeling pretty good.

you would think that i would have plenty of time to sit down and chat with you, but the days filled up fast with lots of other things and so i haven't gotten to share very much with you.
let's catch up...
*we got chickens!
*i found a really cool chalkboard at a garage sale and humiliated my kiddos.
*i got to have coffee grown up time with a good friend that i don't see very much.
*we picked jalapenos from our garden!
*i have been failing miserably on my summer plan. :/  boo hoo.  
the heat and my general laziness have really gotten on the way of running.
*AND i have absolutely not been eating 90% raw.
ummmmm......going to cookouts and awesome friend's homes for dinner{or the drive in} makes it really hard to eat raw.  there may be self control issues in there, too.

so, now that i've given you a teeny update....let's get on to today!
nathan was home, and we promised some friends of ours that we would help them move.
we did sort of a trade, even though we would've helped them anyway.  ;)

starting at 9:00 a.m.{ish}, here's my day in pictures.

beauty in the ordinary.

because it's there, even when i choose not to acknowledge it.

elly winding thread for her latest hobby, embroidering

library day {and a jokester}

on the go breaky/lunch

moving time! 

taking jack to his ENT appointment

the new house! 

bathroom break

blessed to know her

 supper at my fave place to eat...too lazy to cook

 back home in my haven...jammies and all.

it's off to bed for me girlies....this is one tired mama.


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  1. Oh . . . I hear ya on the summer goen TOO FAST! I just keep reminding myself that September is beautiful and we can still play on the weekends. But i too am getting waves of panic!
    You got chickens??? SO fun! I thought I wanted chickens, but then got a little nervous about the upkeep- so I'm excited to hear all about them!
    I checked out an embroidery book from the library- please tell your daughter that I think she's amazing!
    And I think you're amazing too! Can't wait to see all that you're painting!
    Congrats that you won the necklace! My girls were asking why I was so happy that you won. :) I was just a wee bit happy for you!
    Have a wonderful evening!!

  2. I totally agree that there is a lot of beauty in the ordinary! Lovely pictures. I'm visiting from 10 on 10.

  3. LOVE your 10 on 10 JUST wonderful mary! and I am sensing you are too hard on yourself my friend. How have you "failed" with your summer "list". Listen up cutie ....you have done more duties and work this summer than I have in 10 summers!!! You are amazing and incredible and you confuse me!
    I have seen all your hard work on IG, and the fruits of your labor!!! YOu have done beautifully!
    If anyone should be feeling bad about "failing" even though the Lord doesn't measure us that way---WE DO, it's me! Just yesterday I was crying to my husband because I don't think I'm a good enough homemaker. Being in the blog world has really dented me in that way, it seems everyone can bake bread, maintain a garden, raise chickens, home school --I mean on and on--I mean that's my problem to figure out not yours, but my dear dear good friend, know you are a servant of the Almighty even if you couldn't do 1 of the 10 things you have done, ok?! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. Moving?! I TOTALLY haven't been around in a long time! Hope all is going well. Yes summer is going TOOOO fast, and disliking the heat MUCH. Love you sweet friend! Safe moving!

  5. Both of my hands are raised! My kids go to school in like a month! Ugh!
    How is the chicken thing going??? You are so cool. My friend Cristalle would be soooo jealous. She tried having chickens in her backyard in the city(later moved to her sisters in the country) and they pecked each other to death. Freaky!
    Don't be so hard on yourself about the summer plan because it is after all...summer! Oh and yay for friend time!
    Hope all is well today! HUgs! xoxo

  6. I never get tired of your blog posts! In fact I'm pretty sure I could read them all day. For real. Oh, and because I'm a dork. :)
    I'm so over the hot weather. And I keep hearing people say they love it and font want it to get cooler. I just stare at them with my mouth open and deer in headlights look. Blink. Blink.
    Thanks for the post. Even though I'm 2 days late.

  7. oh chickens are so fun! we have 18, so we have eggs coming out of our ears!! i try selling them to my friends, but we still have a lot to eat!!

    i love this 10 in 10 idea....i might have to do it next month!!

    oh, and i'm dying to learn to embroider!

  8. your blog is so pretty. i agree summer is flying. my plans aren't going far either. can't believe you got chickens...is it wrong to be jealous!??

  9. summer is definitely flying by!!! love all the pics! 10 on 10 is so fun!

  10. okay, LOVE this post! i've been wanting to do a "day in the life" post or something to that affect. maybe now i will!

  11. i want to eat at a food coop! i always die over your food pics from there. next time, i order you to enjoy something extra just for me! ; ) glad you are having cooler weather (or i hope it's sticking around at least for a little while!).

  12. Fun 10 on 10! Your house looks so spectacular! Thanks for sharing everything.

  13. Your summer sounds busy and fun. Loved your pictures of your day. What a sweet way to live in the moment. I am one of those weird people that like moving ... glad you were able to help your friends.

  14. girl! just popping in again... your header is new! i love it!! : )


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