Wednesday, July 4, 2012


happy 4th of july!

today i am contemplating freedom,  in more than just one way.
i thank God for blessing us with this wonderful, free country.
for His protection unwavering, and blessings abounding.
for giving us founding fathers whose reverence and fear of the Lord have allowed us to experience His blessing each and every day, year after year.
may we continue to uphold the moral standards that we were founded upon, and never, never give up on the Truth that truly sets us free.
i also thank those men and women who have fought, suffered, and died, true patriots, who did what it took to keep America the great free country that She is today.

last, but not even close the the least, i want to thank Jesus, for dying on the cross and freeing me from my sin, because i asked Him to.
the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.  forgiveness, and an eternity with Him.

have a blessed day, friends.



  1. Love the chalk board/bunting ... a great visual of freedom.

  2. That quote gave me the chills. I have never pondered it that way.

    Love the banner. Super sweet!

  3. you are so creative! i love the quote and the bunting. it's all fabulous.
    especially the jesus part ;-)

  4. Great quote. I had never heard that one before. What is even greater is we are forgiven!
    The bunting is so cute! I wish I was more motivated to sew. Who am I kidding? If I am asking for motivation I guess it should be for cleaning! HA! Hope you get that painting done soon!
    Hugs! xo

  5. I love this post...the quote is wonderful and your message is too!
    Cute bunting!!
    I found your blog on Life Made Lovely.


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