Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the chronic fluffer

do you girls ever get yourself into a bigger project than you bargained for? 
yesterday, i had the goal of rearranging a few things around here, simplifying a bit, i guess. 
fluffing, if you will.
i always start with such great aspirations, but when the project rolls into the afternoon and your family is starving for lunch at 2:00pm, it's time to take a break.  (note: i don't like stopping in the middle of things)
so that's what we're doing here.  taking a break.  don't we look so happy?  :)
yah.  i had an off day, and i forget a lot that the spirit in my home depends mostly on my attitude.  yikes!

i can only dust, vacuum, rearrange, repeat for so many hours.
don't get me wrong, i love doing it, but sometimes what should be a blessing turns into sort of a burden.
like all of these 'extras' that i've been collecting for years are SO fun, but they overwhelm me, too.
i'm really trying to simplify and sell a lot.
i've toyed with the idea of an etsy shop, but i'm not sure i could handle that at this point.
why don't you all come over and go through my treasures?  i'd LOVE to share with you. :)

as you can see, nathan had the day off yesterday, and instead of being able to relax, he had a list a mile long to do.
we woke up super late and me, sort of on the wrong side of the bed.
i get these ideas in my head of what i want the day to look like, and when it doesn't happen, i get cranky.
and sometimes, it overtakes my attitude for the whole day and i am just one big selfish hot mess.
we made it through though, and my amazing husband 'almost' finished the ramp to the chicken coop{they're coming thursday!).
he used the old boards from our falling down deck to save money, but as many of you know, 
repurposing boards takes a lot more work than buying new.
you gotta do what you gotta do. 

while he was outside slaving away, the girls were picking wild blackberries and sharing them with me.  :)

they were sooo yummy.  :)

i started my fluffing in the kitchen because my countertops end up being the collection spot for mail, junk, food, etc.
i'm sure that happens to you, too.

the lighting in my home is pretty bad, so pardon the dark pics. 
just envision them crystal clear, mkay?
this is by my back door.
as you can tell, i love ironstone, old flour and feed sacks and worn wood. 
utilitarian pieces are my fave, too.

i love the patina(honey, that's for you) of old wooden spoons and well used kitchen accessories.
yellow, crackly ironstone is my fave.

can you find what doesn't belong in this picture?
remember that song?
"one of these things is not like the other?"  lalala
yes, the beaming orange countertops.
i'm pretty sure that God gave me these for a reason and is teaching me some major patience with them.
i am pretty OCD and i like things a certain way.
like a pretty-in-my-mind sorta way.
although i get compliments on them all the time, butcher block or soapstone, even cement, is calling my name.
however, they are clean and in very good shape, so i am thankful for that.
they have really grown on me, but i still fight against them a lot.  :)

moving on to my entry way.
i just added a few summery things to make it fresh and happy.
they look a little different even now, because as the day went on, i kept adding and subtracting.
OCD.  don't ever wish for it, peeps.

well hello kitcat!

wouldn't you agree i need this or this to hang above my toilet?  ;)  so cute!

 and this is in my dining room that also serves as our school room.

and that's a little tour of my escapades from yesterday.
do you like to fluff your home, too?
i should mention that i am so truly thankful for all that God has blessed me with.
i not only have a wonderful home and family, but He has allowed me to enjoy pretty things, too.
i know that they aren't truly important, but just an added bonus and blessing.

i'm checking the bad attitudes at the door and claiming(and giving) grace today.
because boy, do i need it!
have a lovely day, sweet ones.


i'm joining alicia's party today!
love that girl!


  1. your fluffing is fun and fancy in a thrifty way! i love it all. when we had our first baby we literally got rid of almost every single nick nacky thing... so i have nothing to fluff. sounds like this calls for a trip to thrift! : )

  2. LOVE all your fluffing!!!! especially love that chair by your seashell table! thanks for linking up. glad we're both crabby and have ocd...makes me feel normal :)

  3. hmmm...are we related? hehe I've been a crab today, I was worse this morning but still a crab. I love all of your collections- especially the sea shell sign- adorable display! I love to fluff... I don't think I ever really stop fluffing and when I'm not fluffing I'm thinking about what needs to be fluffed.


    Oh sorry, just throwing my 2 cents in there. Maybe just because I want to have everything I see in your house. I love your style girl- we're two peas in a pod.

    I was miss grumpy pants today too. Must be in the air . . . Alicia's new challenge is very fitting for us now isn't it?

    Hope you have a relaxing evening!

  5. You should DEFINITELY do some etsy! And I bet your girls would LOVE to help you! Not only that, but what a great lesson that could be incorporated to homeschooling? Running a little business, math, shipping, customer service etc. Heck! I'll come help! Oh wait, I have my own Etsy shop that I have not even stocked yet. Oy.
    ok, moving right along! :) I seriously LOVE your style girl. For real. Can me and the hubby and Charlie move in? Have a great day!

  6. Mary, you have some lovely treasures! I struggle with improvising when my plans go awry and not turning into the wicked with. Nice post.

  7. You are the master fluffa! I love it all! You would think as one with a degree in Interior Design that I would be more into fluffing :) Sadly, I am too lazy. Ha! I am reading this a little late, but I hope you are doing better sweet lady! xoxo

  8. Ah, I love Alicia, too.

    Your home is really darling. I love fluffing as well ... I call it puttering.

  9. Oh, your home looks so beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures, they are very inspirational!!!

  10. I love it ALL Mary, so comfy, warm, and inviting, and ooooh just feels so good, and I'm not even there! I have concrete countertops, they are nice but if any acid gets on it, it sort of eats at it, just leaving a mark/s...but they are pretty great--I sort of like the perfected look in a countertop and these have their "spots", haha we all learn to live with what we have I guess.

    I love being able to rearrange a room or a space without really spending money, and just changing it up from room to room, moving things from here to there, it's so fun:)

  11. hello adorable house and decorations! holy smokes! I see those TOMS, girl! Yeah!


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