Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10:::Sunday style

what an awesome day it was!
i'm SO thankful that i went back and grabbed my phone at the last second before church this morning.
i normally leave it home for church, but He knew i would need it.
i captured some super special pictures{to me} today.

9 a.m.ish
being silly with my girl.
i was running late and had no time for this picture!!!  ;)

10 a.m.ish
my darlings in sunday school snackin' it out.

11 a.m.ish
don't you wish you lived by me and my friends who make this amazing furniture 
out of rough sawn boards and antique lumber?  
this is a HUUUUGE blessing to me and my class.   no more tippy chairs.  yay!!!

12 p.m.ish
my best friend got baptized today.   a picture of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.
an outward symbol of obedience because of an inward heart change.

 1 p.m.ish
feeling so full of gratefulness for the events of the day.   
i cannot even imagine where my life would be today, were it not for the transforming power of Jesus in my life.

2 p.m.ish
home again, home again, jiggity jig!

3 p.m.ish
i have a serious sweet tooth and this is how i satisfy it without sugar. 
dates rolled in pecans and a chia/rice milk shooter. #recoveringsugaraddict

4 p.m.ish
best friends.

5 p.m.ish
 sundays are for simple suppers, hoarded avocados, and paper plates.

6 p.m.ish
sunday evening service.

here's to a beautiful, new, fresh week with no mistakes in it...yet! 
blessings to you all.   :)
not its, off to bed!  off to bed!  for this sleepy girl.
morning comes early, you know?


to my darling readers:
contrary to what it may seem, i am not having a blogger header identity crisis{well, maybe?}.
i may have blogger ADD, which makes it hard for me to not change things and
play around in the amazing program which we know as picmonkey.
i love change, as long as i'm the one doing it{otherwise, forget it....LOL!}, and when i have free time{heehee}, i simply like to play around.   i consider it like free therapy or something like that.
i guess you can come to expect these things in the future. :)

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  1. What a beautiful day! Congratulations to your friend- what a special day for her!!
    And YOU my friend are gorgeous! Just had to tell you that.
    And I LOVE your new blog header! Can't believe you did that on Picmonkey- wowsers!
    We have easy Sunday dinners too- ours consisted of popcorn and smoothies.
    Have a marvelous Monday my friend!

  2. yesterday my house looked like a trash hole (still does)and my hubby went out to mow the orchard and asked me if i was going to clean. i really had good intentions, but i got distracted rearranging the living room! so, i'm totally with you!

    your supper looks amazing. i could have that any day!

  3. those sunday school tables are AMAZING.
    if we ever have a permanent space, i would LOVE for us to have something like those too. :) they are FANTASTIC.

    and that avocado dinner looks to die for.

  4. SO happy for your BFF! What a wonderful thing to witness! I think your preacher in the river just might be my favorite love what it represents!
    Oh em gee i love the SS benches! Lucky!
    And the new header is so cute! I need to update mine but I am just not sure what I want yet. You are talented! xoxo

  5. Your day is full of simple beauty and I love how you captured the spirit. Great pictures!


  6. Oh girl, I so love your pictures and getting a little insight to your everyday! And hooray for the baptism of your bestie! That is so exciting! Also, your mention of the dates rolled in pecans may have just changed my life. For real. I'm so over eating/drinking things that aren't good for my body. Thanks for sharing that! :)

  7. beautiful!! the last shot, wow.
    also, you have such a pretty face! xo

  8. How precious that your best friend has been washed in the blood! Wooo Hoooo!

    This ten on ten deal is fun.

    You are quite lovely. And that furniture too.

    Have a great week!

  9. Praise the Lord for your friend's baptism! Beautiful pictures!

  10. this was such a lovely Sabbath! i am always surprised when i see you with your big girl because i don't feel like you are old enough for her. ha! you look young girlie!

  11. LOVELY 10 on 10! Way to go!! I have never done it but have always wanted to try, seem too difficult of a feat for me, but maybe one day:o


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