Monday, June 18, 2012

it's all a blur

the weekend, that is.
with all the swirl of NBT(Neighborhood Bible Time) starting, Father's Day, and the general busyness of life, the weekend seems to have come and gone so quickly, leaving only the messes behind that there wasn't time to clean up.

i wanted to do a father's day post yesterday, but of course, i woke up late and got home late, too.

i am so very grateful for the fathers that God has placed in my life.
my husband and i both had the privilege of being raised in Christian homes.
although not perfect by any means, the Godly heritage of those who have come before us has made a huge impact on who we are today.
by the grace of God alone.

i am thankful for my father, who taught me not to ever forget 'who you are, and what you are',
and drilled psalm 19:14 into my brain at family devotion time every morning before school.
of course, i thought it was lame then, but years later i remember and i am changed because of it.
not having the freedoms that all the other kids had growing up protected me from so many potentially disastrous situations.
not that there haven't been any, because there have, but the effects were lessened because i knew right from wrong.
God's Holy Spirit was living within me, thanks to my dad leading me to the Lord at a young age.

my husband's father became a Christian early enough in his life to raise children in a good solid Bible believing church, teach them hard work, honesty, respect and integrity.
it has shaped who my man is today.
were it not for the pleading of nathan's parents to PLEASE go to Bible college for ONE year, and then consider the military, he may never had accepted Christ as his personal Savior and given his life to the Lord.
we may have never met!

it's humbling to think of the impact we have on our children and future generations.
what we do today, doesn't just affect today.

that leads me to the father of my children.
he is a man of prayer.  deep, intense, prayer, full of faith and believing.
he is a man of study.
he studies God's word and teaches it to our children.
he is a man full of grace, compassion and mercy.
just like our Heavenly Father lovingly chastens us, and likes to give us good things,
my husband does the same for our children.
he is a picture of a Godly father.
is he perfect?
definitely not, but he claims God's Word as Truth and clings to it with his whole being.
he and i didn't always follow the straight and narrow, no siree!, but by God's grace and Him ALONE,
we seek to serve the Lord together, and raise our kids to love and know Him, too.

i am a big planner.
i love to give gifts.
i do believe that gift giving is my main love language!  :)

we wanted to make father's day special for nathan, and so we started planning early.
the kids all made cards, and we created some fun stuff throughout the week.
i ordered some special gifts.  things that i thought would mean something to him.
he specifically asked for NO PRESENTS, but come on now!?
that wasn't happening!

i got this crazy idea to make a vintage tie banner.  
we bought 42 ties(for $5.00) and hung them on rope.
the lady at the thrift looked at me like i was nuts when i checked out.  :)
it was super cool that he actually wore one of them yesterday.

 homemade cards from adoring children.
i bought mine, because i ran out of time.

i wanted this flower arrangement to look sort of like it was in a trophy(#1 DAD!), so i dug out an old treasure i had.  
it is simply ferns, hosta leaves and weeds with some red dogwood and curly willow branches.  
i knew nathan would appreciate one thing about was all free!
speaking of was the banner we made out of vintage book pages, foam stamps, a hole punch and twine.

i love making these!

we made halvah, one of nathan's favorite 'healthy' desserts that i make.
my whole family goes gaga for this raw treat!

1 cup almond meal
1/2 cup tahini
3 T honey
1 tsp vanilla
shape into balls and roll in unsweetened coconut

hello healthy, delicious treat.

i cannot even tell you how much these kiddos love this man.

i custom ordered a leather Bible cover for his Bible that is falling apart.
it even has his name on it! 
it is beautiful and the man that made it does amazing work.   
you can find him, here. 
i highly recommend him.

i'm so thankful for this guy.

and today starts a new week.  
i can feel it in my bones that it's gonna be a blur, too.
want proof?  i left the conditioner in my hair in the shower today because i was in a hurry.
did i go and wash it out?  noooooo.
can you all say a prayer for me?
Neighborhood Bible Time(VBS) is this week and i am teaching the pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.
it is quite the ride, i tell ya!  
16 kids last night, and there will be more tonight.
pray that i can say mephibosheth a million times without getting tongue tied.
#kindness #kindness #kindness is the lesson i am teaching and i need a lot of it myself.
and patience.  
a LOT of patience.

hope you have a great week lovelies.


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  1. You did a fantastic job on those Father's Day decorations. I love all of the details.

    Have a great week!

  2. Wow! Those are some amazing decorations!!! Love the banners! What a special celebration! Thank God for these Godly fathers!!!

  3. WOW! You sure know how to bless someone! LOVED all your fun decorations! A tie banner? Brilliant! It's easy to see that you put a lot of thought into making your husband feel loved on Father's Day. He is one blessed and loved man! Loved that he wore one of the ties!
    I will pray for your VBS week! I love VBS but it can be SO tiring too! I'll think of you while I'm in the middle of ours! Blessings to you beautiful friend!

  4. I don't even know where to start! The ties, the decorations, the bible cover. I am so impressed by how far you went to make him feel so special. I am sure he did too.
    Precious family. Hope your week isn't a blur and you have some time to slow down a bit.

  5. this post is SO sweet! i love all your father's day decor and gifts! love it!! i love people that love giving gifts...because i love GETTING them :) hahaha! my mom is one of those...she's always sending me sweet things. love that :)

    xo, sweet one :)

  6. Once again I don't know where to begin the gushing! You are so creatively imaginative with your decorating! I totally LOVE it. That tie idea was amazing! And the kids cards were so cuuuuuuute! I love that you re did his bible for him. I bet he really LOVED that! And I'm so thankful for you that you have a husband who takes time to pray and study God's word. That is VERY admirable. What a true gem you have in each other. I NEED to make that dessert! It looks FABUlous.
    And Mary. You left conditioner in your hair?! Bahahahahahahaha! Been there, done that. Oy!
    Love you girl! Keep on bloggin. It makes me day.

  7. you are so awesome. you put me to shame, really. wow. the ties did me in. i love that idea.

    uh, but i got totally distracted during the post when i thought i saw a bunch of anthropology mugs in your that what i saw? those are amazingly cute. you seem to have enough...spread the love girl ;-)

  8. What a blessing to have been raised by Christian parents! Sadly, I was not so fortunate but by the grace of God I found Christ anyway :)
    Love love love the Father's Day decorations! SO creative! Love it!
    You and your hubby are so precious together!
    Will pray for your week sweet lady!

  9. oh wow! such an abundance of father's day thoughtfulness. i'm tucking these ideas away for next year. love the book page banner and i've never even heard/ thought of foam letter stamps. so fun. thanks for sharing. :)

  10. I just love the way your family celebrated Father's Day! He must have felt so loved and appreciated! Thanks for the inspiration!

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