Friday, June 22, 2012

sweet summatime

hello, girlies.
today i'm here with a little summer fun!
i wish i could say that i was being fun today, but my attitude needs a little adjusting, 
so we'll just talk about the fun things that we want to do!
we got a little headstart on some things(SHOCKING!), but that's okay... it just leaves more time for more fun!

here is a list of things that we have already done,  and hope to maybe keep doing...

and here is a list of things that we want to do...

what are your plans for the summer?
i really don't want to be too structured around here, but at the same time, mama needs her sanity!
like today, for instance...ahem...but we shall not go there.
this list is supposed to be happy!  :)
hopefully we will find that balance between lazy summer days and
some type of schedule and organization.

i'm takin' my list over alicia's to see what everyone else is going to be doing.
come on over!

happy summer!


p.s.  dear super smart do you really spell garage saling anyway?
either way i was too lazy to figure it IS summer after all. :)


  1. i just say garage saleing. i'm pretty sure it's wrong, but i've seen it done elsewhere and i just don't even care! i'm a rebel like that!! ;-)

    what did you get? no garage sale post???? c'mon, i'm dying!

  2. ha!!! saling, saleing, SAILING...nobody's judging. well, maybe on that last one we would ;) your list is the cutest one yet!! look at all you've done this summer! you're such a great mama...hope you know that :)

    ps: how did you know you needed a #4? i'm so struggling with this question.

  3. i am learning to love you and your family more and more everyDAY! Look at all you have been up to, I so admire you all! YOu are the heart of your family Mary, and I know you are hard on yourself, but you ought to be PROUD. Look at those beds, wow! And I might need that smoothie popcicle recipe from you, I really want to do that---where did you get your containers, do you remember?

    love all these pics, they warm my heart.

    love you

    1. oh btw, do you have any popcicle thingy recipes for me?! I just bought some molds and need some recipes!

  4. Hooray for summer!! Love everything on your list! We still have to do ours! How did you make yours so stinkin' cute? Hope you have a relaxing weekend recovering from VBS! :)

  5. Our best plan is to slow down! That hammock is looking pretty inviting!

  6. Your garden is going to be amazing! Excuse me, potager. I wish I had a spot for a hammock too. Maybe I could get one with a stand.
    I had a horrible mom moment this afternoon and was quick to react. I lost it with my oldest. Made me so sick to my stomach. I swear these kids know exactly how make me crazy! I sure hope tomorrow is better here too because we will be on the road with 5 kids! Yikes. Not gonna hold my breath on that one. :)
    Love your list too! PicMonkey rocks! xoxo

  7. oh fun! i'm loving your summa lovin'! and that paperclip on there with the lined paper is too swoony. really. i LOVE sun tea. thanks for reminding me! : )

  8. What a fun summer list. I enjoy keeping things simple.
    (Don't you love Alicia?) Wish we could all get
    together for a big summer party.

  9. Hi Mary! Looks like you guys are making the most of your summer - nothing wrong with some organization! :) I'm so happy I found your blog, and happy to be your newest follower! Have a great day!

  10. I had to catch up on your posts! It's been awhile-- missed ya! Those strawberries looked a-w-e-s-o-m-e! And I wish I was the neighbor you want to make cookies for... hmmmpf.


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