Friday, June 1, 2012

goodbye may, hello june! already?

hey there!
can you even believe it's june already?
stop the bus!  i need more may time, pleeeeassseeee!  :)

as we say good bye to may, june promises to be very busy and full indeed!
we have father's day, nathan's birthday, my daddy's birthday, bible school{INSANE week!}, fair entries, gardening galore, and that's just what's coming off the top of my head at the moment.
there are many more things, i'm sure.

here's what may looked like from my view.

i'm so thankful to have this, because each photo transports me back to that moment.
the feeling.  the smell.  the beauty.  the frustration.
love it.

top left going clockwise

garden day:::mama lunch:::treasures:::sleepy boy:::jack's freckles:::cleaning at mamas:::gift for a friend:::shopping!:::hammock time
surprise donut morning:::impromptu picnic

selling our truck:::birthday party:::the necklace that almost killed me:::memorial day:::hammock time{again}:::maddie's biscuits:::boy party:::pinata:::sweetie pies{below is new necklace design}
birthday boy{above is road trip to pharmacy}

mothers day:::henry:::new nephew:::sleepover:::sushi date:::longing for donuts:::dump day:::dirty nails:::silhouette project{below is maddie's freckles}:::kitcat in my window{above is garage sale treasure}

i would like to thank the lovely picmonkey for making these collages possible.
now i need to go and make last months collages, too.  :/

 do you have big plans for the weekend?
my girls have their piano recital on saturday and if i don't get off here and go straight to the post office and mail their fair entries, i think they might pass out.
good thing they keep me on my toes!

have a wonderful, blessed day!



  1. What a beautiful month! So much sweetness packed in 31 days!

  2. My mom just called me and told me she found me a globe for 50 cents at a rummage! Yay!

  3. We're so busy here too! Have a fun Summer!

  4. i want to do a monthly collage so badly!! maybe i could do it this month??? i'm a few days late though. cute pictures. i *love* the one with the undies stuck out of the pants!!!

  5. you're just really super cool, do you know that??? ok, so a.) i want to go to homegoods with you b.) i want to get that gift from you and c.) i love that we have matching necklaces now. (well kinda. our kids are have one more than me too. but other than that...the same :))

  6. Your pictures make me want to come live with you. Is that creepy? :)
    You are such a fun momma! Let's have a craft weekend pretty please????

  7. Just catching up some on some of my blogs since I've been out of commission! Love reliving all these pics :)

  8. I know JUST what you mean. Seriously. How in the world is it June? How does that happen? Pure craziness!

  9. Oh my goodness! I love all the photos! I can't believe its June already. Its my birthday month, but still, that means the year is half over!! AHHH!
    I agree with Amy, you are such a fun momma! xoxo!
    ps...I thought I left a comment on this already...I know I read it :)

  10. sweet photos! June sounds busy! Busy can be fun : )


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