Wednesday, June 6, 2012

junk, recital, strawberries and more

heeeyyyy, kiddos!
i am so stinkin' pooped today!
nine hours in the hot sun, working on the yard will do that to ya.
i am feeling inner thigh muscles that i didn't even know existed!  #nojoke
and aloe is this girls BFF.  
red hair, freckles, fair skin=#redasalobster

this post was supposed to be up on monday, but well, you know...
...sometimes things are just happenin' and swirling all around you and, BAM! it's wednesday.
time flies when you're having fun, right?

so this is what my front yard looks like from the view of my sweet little calf.
he came to us when we lived at the farm, and so did the rest of this junk. :)
when we found out that we were officially losing our house, and the sale date was set, our awesome friends rallied in the midst of a snowy december and moved every square inch of our belongings from a huge shed on our property, to a friends barn up the road. 
my husband finally emptied the barn, hence the huge mess in my yard now.
i mean. it's only been two years?!? :)
i have a lot of 'things'.  
things that were going to be used in the restored 1800's log cabin that was going to be our home, and things left over from my career as a junking fool.  :)
i used to buy and sell vintage and antiques at a local flea market and also at a once a year barn sale.
my life has gotten so much busier in the recent years, that this has taken a backseat, and all of the things that i once loved so much, have become a burden.
simple is better for me now and i am going to have the garage sale of a lifetime!  :)

back to the weekend!
it was full.
but a good full.
on saturday, my daughters had their piano recital for the year and the morning of, my oldest decided that she wanted to make her skirt to wear that day.
*enter mom panic as i envisioned this not turning out...anticipating tears and a last minute wardrobe change*

i cringed prayed as i heard that old sewing machine pumping behind closed bedroom doors.
she didn't have a pattern, but had seen a few tutes online, so she felt pretty confident.
i was pleasantly surprised when she came out with this.
she also crocheted the flower earlier in the week for a fair entry.

of course, i had to have a little sister photo shoot.

the recital went well, and i cried{shocking!}.
my mom and best friend came with her littles.
she has six children, and the youngest four match the ages of my four.  #bestfriends
get togethers are never boring!
in fact, she had us over for tacos that night.

here is my amateur video of the girls playing at the recital.
i seriously need video editing classes.
and my phone was jumping around a little and focusing funny.
i'm just glad i got them only took two days.  :)

my beauties.
you can't see it here, but henry wore his holster and gun to the recital.
he is such a goofy kid. :)

on sunday after church, we headed to town and picked berries at my in laws.
they are on vaca, so the kids are taking turns picking for them, so the berries don't go to waste.
madelyn already cleaned, topped, and made her very first freezer jam.
sharing the kitchen isn't so bad after all.  ;)

like i mentioned earlier, my muscles are SORE!
my hubby's probably are, too.
he managed to build three raised beds yesterday among doing many other things.
i did a ton of yard work and we had nearly four yards of mulch delivered.
my friend and her kids came over and we moved the.whole.pile.
i think that's why i feel like i was hit by a bus.   #outofshape

today, we're going to go hunt down more rocks for landscaping, do a little crafting therapy, laundry, and then prayer meeting tonight.
piano lessons are over for the year and that makes this girl happy!

hope you are having a magnificent day!!!



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  1. 9 hours of yard work? you are one hard working mama is all i gotta say!! ugh, yard work is the pits to me. my mother in law loves it, and so do so many other folks. it's too bad i don't like it more; i do have 2 acres.....

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend! :) i, too, am a redheaded, fair skinned girl...totally understand. ;) sadly neither of my littles have red does that happen?! :)

  3. Hahahaha! I seriously laughed out lough when I read that he wore his gun and holster to the recital! I can't get the videos to play :( it's probably just my computer. Hope they did well! Tell them not to quit. I did when I was little and I wish I wouldn't have! XO!

  4. i cannot believe you were in the sun for nine hours! i die after one! :)

  5. WOW girl! You've been productively busy! I LOVE working in my yard! And I do believe a gal can burn some good calories doing garden work!
    I would LOVE to go to your sale! I too have a thing for chairs- hee hee! I see so many goodies in your pile!
    Your daughters skirt is AMAZING! I love it and would want one for myself! Does she take orders? :)
    LOVED hearing your darling daughters play! They both sounded beautiful!
    How did your therapy session go?
    Hope you can get out of bed in the mornin'!

  6. You are amazing! Your daughters are amazing! Lots of talent in your sweet family.

  7. I could go crazy in your front yard! wowie!
    looks like super busy but good weekend.
    I love the picture of your girls!

  8. First off, can you share the DIY maxi skirt with us??? I am IN LOVE as you seen on IG :o

    that's so interesting that you use to work in the flea market biz, and I love that lamb!!! It's Jesus!!!

    I'm gonna go watch those videos now:)

  9. wow girl!! look at you and all your productivity!!! your insta pics alone have made me tired...after this post, i'm on produtivity overload. bye now i need a nap :)

    kidding (sorta). can i ask you a super personal question? how did you do that dotty circle? like the one on your piano recital collage? i've been wanting to do some graphic changes to my blog and that circle this is kinda what i've been looking for...

  10. never mind...found it on picmonkey!! wow! how cool is picmonkey!

  11. Ummm that skirt is awesome, well done! Here's to a busy busy summer!:)

  12. wow, you have some talented kids there, for sure. sewing, piano...i am impressed! i really wish i could come to that garage sale of yours...i see some things i need! : ) happy weekend!

  13. your kids are so talented. so very talented. you should be super proud. i'm proud, too! ha! : ) that maxi skirt happens to be the cutest one i have ever seen. LOVE. and i also really like your blog header. swoony. sorry i'm like a week late! eeek!


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