Monday, June 25, 2012

NBT recap and hello monday!

hello, monday!

i am so glad that you are here.
you offer me a fresh, new week and the opportunity to start new projects, rest a little bit, and enjoy the calm'er' days.

hello, goodbye Neighborhood Bible Time.

it was a wonderful week last week with lots of great preaching, worshipping, and learning about Jesus.
the gospel was preached, decisions for Christ were made(YAH!), and God was glorified!  praise HIM!
it didn't come without some crabbies(me), but the blessings outweighed the stress, for sure.
so until next year, NBT.
we will miss your fun, but not the hustle and bustle of early suppers, late nights, and running like crazay people.

hello, mr. primary evangelist.  can we have your autograph?

hello, junior award winners.
you all worked so hard last week.
miss maddie won first place in her class and memorized 40 Bible verses.
thank you, Jesus.

it's all about the ribbons! :)   well, not really.

hello, preacher man.  
we are blessed to have you as our shepherd.
your unwavering faith and stand for God inspire us.

closing night gospel message being preached here.
we have several children that come to NBT that never come to church, and their parents usually come this night for the awards.
many of them have never heard what Jesus has done for us or accepted His free gift.
we pray that the seeds that are planted grow into their salvation.

hello, my adorable preschool/kindergarteners.
you kept me busy, but i loved it, and your smiles and trust just melt my heart.

hello, happy henry.
you were so shocked to win first in your class and you haven't put that Bible down since.
look at that grin!

hello, teenagers.
i may be in denial that one of these TEENS is mine.
mama loves you.

hello, teen award winners.
the first place winner memorized 80 verses last week and you, my precious teen, came in second with 34. praise the Lord for His Word hidden in our hearts.
mama couldn't be more proud!

hello, stressed mama.
you need to learn to chill out and go with the flow more often, i think.

hello, bestie and partner in teaching our crazy class this week.
i love you.

hello, grocery store cart that brought so many giggles.
i forgive your store for not having the gluten free pizza crust that i drove the extra 30 minutes for.

hello, public restroom that gives me the willies.
your hand washing station makes me happy.

hello, drive in.
thank you for allowing us to check off something from our summer fun list.

hello, deep fried oreos.
you are not a part of my raw food diet.

hello, fair food that sucked me in with your greasy, fried, tasty self.   #IAmSoWeak
i am paying for you today, in more ways than one.

hello, detox.  :)

how was your weekend lovelies?
what have you been saying hello to?
i'm excited for a new week with lazy days and without crazy stress.  please, Lord?  :)

i hope your week is FULL of blessings and goodness from Above.
see you soon...the girls had a blast at the fair and i can't wait to show you how they did!


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  1. Your kids are amazing memorizing all those verses! I feel like some days I can barely remember my own phone number! Seriously! How does that happen as we get older? We lose are ability to memorize. When I went to summer camp waaaaaaaaay back in the day I had to memorize 30 verses in order to go! Boom! Now, no way JOse.
    And you teaching all those sweet kiddies about Jesus with your BFF. Love:)
    And on to the fair food. Mary, Mary. I bet you ARE paying for all that fried goodness aren't you? :) Haha! I wouldn't have been able to pass up the fried oreos either. As we speak, I'm eating fried cheese curds. And I can already hear my tummy saying "Whaaaaaaat is this?"
    Back to the Amish produce stand for me!

  2. Wow, memorizing all those verses is really impressive! Awesome! I love fair fried food too. It all looks so yummy!

  3. This was SOOOO fun! Hello sweet friend! Glad you posted today!

  4. gooooood stuff!! that last combo would give me a tummy ache too! and um...after ONE day with 3 year olds, i'm like thinking WHAT WAS I THINKING!?! ok...i'm good now. maybe. gotta go to bed!

  5. What a great week! Isn't it amazing how kids can memorize scripture? What a blessing!
    And that fair food looks mighty delicious! I love me some fried goodness! Enjoy your slower week my friend!

  6. what endearing pictures of all those kiddies!!! SO cute!

  7. Henry looks so proud in that picture! I love it! And don't worry-- women's health magazine told me that we should allow ourselves a cheat day, so it's ok! :)


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