Wednesday, July 24, 2013

i really didn't have time to rearrange the girls' room today, but the dust bunnies were out.of.control. now @ellygrace_99 has her own sweet little spot to create. totally worth it. :). #timewellspent #thelaundrycanwait

sometimes you just gotta set aside the laundry...again...and spend some quality time with your girl.
elly's style is a little more eclectic than mine, but i think i love it.
i'll never regret spending this time with her, making this space special.



  1. love that you can just whip something like this up. You rock mama. I love this space. You are a special mama.

  2. we need to live closer. so me and my style. I love a little funk in every room. Those antlers rock!!

  3. You will not regret it! Good memories last longer than clean laundry.


  4. You sure won't regret it...
    I've rearranged Lydia's room with her a couple of times this summer...she loves hanging out with me and helping me while I do it.

    your daughter's space looks great.

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