Tuesday, July 23, 2013

there are days when defeat and sadness rule my day. my expectations aren't met, i get easily offended, and these FEELINGS spiral into deeper sadness and feelings of worthlessness. such things never come from God, and are a full on attack from the evil one to render me useless for His kingdom. feelings will always fail you, but He never will. to think that my God cares about the intimate affairs of my life is so overwhelming to me. He loves in the details, and uses others as a tangible reminder of His unfailing, never stopping, pursuing, agape love. thank you @theadoptshoppe! YOU are a blessing and this necklace came at just the right time on one of those very low days when i wanted to quit. so glad i didn't. what has He done in the details for you lately? #boastintheLord.

there is nothing more beautiful and reassuring than knowing that no matter what,  you are loved.
whether you're high on the mountain top or deep in the valley, God is there, waiting to meet us 
there is something so freeing about being vulnerable, and sharing your heart.
it's something i am learning to be better at each day, pushing my ugly pride aside.

i have found myself surrounded by the most beautiful women who encourage me daily and blanket me in their affirmations that we are in this together.
in the messy and the beautiful.
i am so thankful.



  1. Wow! This is the very verse I proclaimed over myself this morning!

  2. me too...surrounded by so many beautiful women...each so unique
    YOU are one of them
    you know you are not alone in the battle sister...you are a mighty warrior
    be brave...love you

  3. his banner over you is love.
    thankful for that truth on days when that condemning voice is loud.

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