Monday, July 22, 2013

there is no normal with these two. :). my mama heart is so full because they gave their salvation testimonies before our preacher and the deacons tonight. we'll be headed to the river next sunday! expect lots of tears from this mama. CANNOT wait! God is so SO good. :)

hello, friends.
i don't know exactly what it is or why, but lately God has been tugging at my heart to revive this little space of mine.
when i started my blog, i had the wrong mindset, the wrong aspirations for it.
i had this idea that i had to have hundred of followers, and that it always had to be perfect.
the problem is, perfect isn't real.
expectations aren't met, feelings get hurt and well, i think you know what happens from there.  :)

so, i'm starting a photo journal, a little space to store and tuck away memories, for me, and for my family.
no expectations.
just a place where i can come and remember, smile, and thank God for what He has given me and boast in His goodness.
i may only post a photo, i may add some words.  
who knows?

what i DO know is that this life is fleeting, my kids are growing, and instead of feeling like time is slipping through my fingers, i want to embrace each new season, because that's the way God intended it to be.
children don't keep, and i want to love them well, embracing each day.

my mama heart is full, and if you read the title of this post, i think you'll know why.



  1. yay for your boys! so very exciting! :)

    i hear ya...kiddos grow too fast!

  2. I love your idea of making memories with pictures but even more than that I love seeing young ones making a commitment to the Lord - good stuff!

  3. I am so with you on the blogging with expectations. when I started my 1st blog I was in tears because I couldn't even get my 2 best friends to be followers. I still have to fight expectations with 2nd blog!! just wrote a draft on some other things that bother me about blogging too. I will post it soon

  4. Nice font....... I like the font in the title. Love you my Beautiful Bride!!!!!!! God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. love that you're reviving your blog :) love your new header. and LOVE that your little sweet boys will be dunked in the river on Sunday!! So awesome!!
    love you, girl.

  6. love the simple look here and the idea of posting a photo or words or just whatever you feel like here. that is the BEST way to approach blogging, as a reminder/journal for yourself. happy monday! : )

  7. Mary...I am soooo glad I came here this morning! I've been feeling so defeated lately, and most definitely in a funk. Your words, His words, have been so soothing, encouraging. Thank you for being faithful.


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