Monday, June 6, 2011


Whoa!  Today was hot one!  
The kids headed outside and in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
...they were back in with pink cheeks and sweaty heads! :-)

Not too long ago, we did some treasure hunting as a family for the chicken coop project that we have started.
Our goal is to build a coop that is fantastic...on a budget!
Our inspiration...SO CUTE!!!

Our progress...

Slow, but sure!  We have lots of ideas just ready to come to fruition!

Anyway, on one of our recent trips to find 'loot' to turn into something fantastic for our project, we found a whole lotta fun stuff!
Here's our fun journey to a little treasure trove of 'junk' we like to call, "Amish Walmart". 
I'll let my daughter, Elly, take it away.
She asked to take pictures and that was FINE. WITH. ME. 

Lots 'o lumber...salvaged, of course!

Here is where we got our roofing tin{for the coop}!


Happy Hunting!

Picket fences..industrial carts...

HAHA!  Ugly vanity!

LOVE THIS!  Can you imagine it cleaned up and as a coffee table of sorts?  So cool.
{minus the contraption on top}

Watch yer step!

I heart cupolas.

Yummy character filled lumber from AGES ago. LOVE.

I REALLY wanted put plants in, etc...but couldn't justify it...yet.  lol


OLD OLD OLD beams from a barn.  Someday, I would love to use these in my house!  They have so much character!  LOVE the bark still on the beam.

Two of these warehouse baskets made their way home with me. :-)

Does anyone need a shopping cart?
I look like 'Where's Waldo'?
Can you spot me?  

Hundreds of awesome wheels!

You have NO idea how packed this baby is!

Gate, anyone?

I love this wagon'y' thing!

Note to out for nettles, poison ivy, or anything that will make your foot BURN like everything INSTANTLY!  Oops.

Now THESE could be repurposed into something AWESOME!

Awesome color.

I was trying to find an excuse to buy this old barn vent and reuse it somewhere else, but I passed.

E and her treasure. 
There are two FULL buildings of 'stuff' inside that we didn't photograph!!!  YIKES!

Happy hunters!

"Now YOU take OUR picture!"

Thanks for hanging in there with me!
Loading up our treasures!  We had a successful day, coming out with a light{$3}, tin roofing{$40} and as you can see, some oddball pieces($15}. Not too shabby AND we had a great time doing it!
It's all about 'the hunt', ya know?

I will post more pictures of the light that we found for the coop AND windows!  
Not sure how I forgot those. Oops!

What do you like doing together as a family?



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  1. WOW! What a place! I literally laughed out loud when I saw the field full of junk. The most beautiful sight ever. :)

    I enjoyed your tour!


  2. :) It's like a 'field of dreams'! So fun! Thanks for stopping by!


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