Monday, May 23, 2011

Building the coop...

Hi, friends!
I hope that you have all been having a good week{so far}!
We had a pretty laid back weekend which was nice,  because last week was crazy!  
This week looks to be the same!  

I wanted to share some pictures of our gardens that we have been 
working on, and start the first of many posts about the 
chicken coop that we my husband is building.

It goes kind of like this, "Sweetheart, I'm going to build a chicken coop for the FIFTY butchering and TEN laying chickens that we are getting."
Me:  "I don't have to butcher chickens, right?"
Hubby:  "No, we are bringing them to the Amish to have them butchered."
Me: " Oh!  Ok then!  Let's put it{the coop} over here!  And let's make it cute, out of fun salvaged materials, and don't you think it would be adorable if we..."
I think you get the picture.  Then came the hours{not really}of perusing the internet for a cute lil' building that we thought we be PERFECT for our sweet little chicks. This is what we came up with...rather what someone ELSE came up with that we think is pretty stinkin' cute! 


So, when I say WE are building the chicken coop, be VERY clear that HE does all the work.  I just 'oversee'.  :-)   haha  Not really.

THE CHALLENGE... build a functional, attractive chicken coop on little or no dough using MOSTLY materials we have on hand, or can find for next to NOTHING.  
This is where the fun BEGINS!
I absolutely love thrifting for treasures.  I see MANY trips to the 'Amish Wal-Mart' in the near future. 
So I present to you...

This is going to be fun!

Now!  Onto some pictures of our gardens.  We just moved to this house a little over a year ago after God miraculously provided for us.  Literally.  It was an absolute miracle!  We lost our farm due to unforseen circumstances  God's perfect plan, and we couldn't be happier than where we are. right. now. :-) 

Remember, we just started, so have vision with me...

This is Eleanor's shade garden.  It is RIGHT outside our bedroom window and it is also the home of our love bird cardinals.  Elly is mostly responsible for it, and the cardboard boxes you see laying down are only the beginning on MANY boxes to be laid out so that we can mulch everything.  Baby steps over here.  
Our awesome neighbor gave us lots 'o hostas last week{which I used to hate, but have grown very fond of in recent years}.  They look really awesome when you use all kinds of varieties together.  More importantly, you can't kill them.  LOVE HOSTAS!   lol

Here is the view from the back side of the house.  Just envision everything growing all together and filling in the empty spaces...beautiful!

Another back view.
I LOVE that flowering tree AND it smells DIVINE!
Oh!  And there's the half finished clothesline that I mentioned HERE!  Can't wait!

  Behind the house right along the woods line.

Always helpers...

Nathan was SO glad that I made him stop to take a picture!!!  :-)  No, really, he was a GREAT sport!

Henry helping getting into trouble.

Henry's new 'friend' or victim{whichever you choose}.  :-) 

We're making progress!!! 
 First hole dug, ready for cement{the hardware store was closed}, and only three, wait, {maybe five} posts to go!  BTW...we already had the posts from a previous project, so we didn't have to spend any money on them!  YAY!
I hope y'all will come back now and again to check on our progress!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

"Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain 
that build it:"
Psalm 127:1a

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  1. I'm going to have to agree with your "triplets separated at birth" email!!! I was going to buy chicks & build a coop this year too! Ha! The husband convinced me otherwise. I called our town hall to find out about ordinances regarding chicken coops (I only live on an acre with neighbors everywhere). I wish you could have listened to the phone call...the guy thought I had lost my mind. Fortunately, I can raise them if I want to though. Next year. Sweet family you have!



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