Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Laundry Day!!!

Good morning, friends!
I hope your weekend was wonderful!  We all have more freckles than we did yesterday and sun kissed noses, too!  Why, you ask?   Because of the Syttende Mai parade, of course! 
Read here to know more about the Norwegian celebration, because I honestly don't know much about it myself.   :-)  
What I DO know is that the kiddos scored huge bags of candy of which I have already absconded.  heehee!
Don't worry, we already replaced it with better options!  :-) 
Now that you know our noses are pink and we have been on a sugar high since yesterday, check out what I will be doing today.....


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day, "We are a family of five. Why then do I feel like we are the Duggars when it comes to laundry?"
 My thoughts EXACTLY!!!
I am SOOO excited for my husband to finish my clothesline that he started last year.  I just love the smell of  laundry fresh off of the line. 
  Don't you?

 I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and that your day will be happy and productive!
Interesting  SCARY facts:

Did you know that a scientist can tell what kind of laundry detergent you use by your urine sample? EWWW!

The chemical content in laundry detergents is SO high that they have to use extremely high amounts of chemical fragrance to cover it up!!!  Double whammy!

 Dryer sheets coat all your clothes with a layer of toxic chemicals. When you wear those clothes, your body moisture causes those chemicals to come into contact with your skin and be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.  It's an easy way to poison your system with cancer-causing chemicals.  Literally.

Our solution to the dangerous reality...

It saves us money, too!  That's always a plus.   :-) 

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