Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Fun and COOP Progress!

Ahhhh.....peace and quiet.


1   [kwahy-it]  Show IPAadjective, -er, -est, verb
making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound:quiet neighbors.
free, or comparatively freefrom noise: a quiet street.
silent: Be quiet!


Seriously.  How many times does it take for a child to actually go to bed and STAY there?
Apparently FOUR,  if you're my children{boys, that is}!  
"Mom...Jack twisted my cheeeeeeek!"
"MOM!!!!  It's hot in here."
"Mom!!!!!  Henry pulled my hair!!!!!!!"  *sobs*
"MOooooooom!  My neck hurts because dad told me I had to lay on the side away from Henry{because they couldn't keep their hands off of each other}, AND I just CAN'T lay on that side because it hurts!"


And that's EXACTLY what I'm doing with my peace and quiet!
thankyouverymuch.  :-) 

Ok, then!  Now that I got that off of my shoulders, I hope you had a relaxing day with the ones that you love.  I'd say we had a pretty productive, fun day.
More progress on the chicken coop was made.....if you're new here, WELCOME and click HERE to read about our building the COOP project.

When I came home on Saturday from the homeschool conference, my hubby had been busy! :-) 

Lookin' good!

To make the floor, we are using old deck boards from a deck that we my husband tore off of the front of the house.  We were a few short, so we decided to have at the back deck because we were going to tear it down anyway.  
CHA-CHING!  Talented hubby=free coop floor! 

The back deck we HE raided...

Hero shot.{he didn't love was REALLY hot out today!}

Madelyn was busy{and HOT} chopping rhubarb for some pies...

I even had 10 cups extra to freeze!  YUMMO!

The homeless little chicks...

They are actually living in our garage right now inside a wooden sandbox that I bought for the boys last year at a garage sale...hmmmmm....good thing we bought that, huh, hon?  :-) 

Friend or foe?  :-) 

Our crazy dog, Mac.

I am totally excited about the progress we are making.  We have found some SUPER cheap and cool used 'junk' to really make it unique!  Did I mention cheap?  lol

After all of the building and chopping we took a little road trip through Amish country and found a few goodies{there's a WHOLE separate post for that}!


Earlier today, I boiled eggs and taters for potato salad and when we got home, I put it all together and we  grilled bleu cheese infused burgers topped with bbq sauce and shredded cabbage.  
For dessert, I made 2 RHUBARB BANANA PIES. 
 My favorite{thank you, Sharon!!!}
I am not creative enough to come up with burgers like that myself, so here is where I found the inspiration...
COUNTRY LIVING magazine.  

{images from Country Living}

Don't you LOVE the boys bath head?  
OH! And the burgers OOZING with bleu cheese???
One more pies bubbled over so much that I don't think I'll EVER get the burnt filling off.
I'm not kidding. 

We feel so blessed to live in this great country and it was so wonderful to relax and spend time together in the midst of our crazy hectic life.

We truly DO enjoy it, even though peace and quiet is nice sometimes.
I hope that your day was wonderful.  :-) 

Ours was.
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?  :-) 

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  1. Bored at work, reading old posts. And laughing my head off about the pies bubbling over and you will never get the burnt filling off the bottom of the oven. And you aren't kidding!!! Hahaha!


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