Thursday, May 24, 2012

embracing a girly day:::5.24.12

i'm sitting here, in my air conditioned home, watching the trees sway and dance in circles all around our house.
we've been under a severe wind advisory all day and now there is a tornado watch for us until late into the night.
i remember the days when we lived in homes that didn't have basements.
i used to panic when we had severe weather and we had no where to go.
we have lived in two homes where a tornado came through and our house was untouched, while many others suffered lots of damage.
God is so faithful.
i don't know why having a basement makes me feel better, but it just does.
i know that God's hand cradles us, even in the midst of storms, and He is in control of absolutely everything all the time.
His power is so great, i cannot even understand.
today i am thankful for His protection, my home, and my basement{among many other things}.  ;)

today was a rare day for me because my husband took the boys with him to work at his parents'.
the girls and i did a few things around the house this morning{and some school}, and then we were off for a girly day....NO BOYS ALLOWED.  ;)

here's what we did...

the girls made donuts out of a buckwheat pancake mix and embellished them with homemade strawberry jam.

we stopped at the thrift store and found some cute clothes.

we went to our favorite local crafting haunt.
all of the really fancy, expensive scrapbooking supplies are majorly discounted.

the wind was insane!

we had lunch together and chatted about 'girly' things.  
like things that i'm in denial about talking to with them.

and it was just so nice to spend time with my girls.
i embraced them today, and it was wonderful.

now i'm going to go and stalk the weather bug.



  1. I love days I get to spend with my daughters.

    Stay safe.

  2. What a delightful day! LOVE sweet days like that!

    Um . . . when are you going to do a donut post! I need all the essential information regarding machine, recipe, . . . Donuts are my love language.

    I dearly hope you bought that sweet vintage dress!! I should start looking more in the dress section- I always skip that area. I think I should go tomorrow. Wanna go?

    Tornado? I will try not to freak you out any more but I would be a wee bit freakin' out! I'm a wimp like that. I'll be sure to pray for you guys!!

  3. Such beautiful girls! My big girl and I had a date tonight too! Its going so fast, ugh!
    I second Amys request on the donut post!
    xoxo, jen

  4. So sweet! I have all boys so no girls day for me. But that's ok I get to tag along on fishing trips and all that fun stuff :)

  5. LOOK at your precious girls!!! Girl time rocks, any girl time, with daughters, friends, sisters cherished. So who was the peachy dress for? So pretty!

    Cute black and white pics walking, I adore those;)

  6. What a fun day! I have two little boys (3 years old and 7 months) but maybe I will have a little girl one day. I would love to have a little mini me to take shopping. The boys can't stand it. Okay, well the 7 month old doesn't mind but he doesn't know it is supposed to be boring for a boy to shop yet!


  7. Aw, Mary! Such a sweet post! Those donuts look DElish! Such great pictures of you and your sweet girls :) AND i love that dress! I might need to stop at more thrift stores! Have a fantastic weekend, friend!


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