Friday, May 18, 2012

a perfectly wonderful day

remember yesterday when i mentioned that i am now a great aunt?
yah.  that seems weird.
it's like another milestone that brings me to a whole new level of aging.
but guess what???
my sister is a GRANDMA!
and she is an amazing one at that.
but WOW! that has a different ring to it!  
grandma heidi.

i can't even handle the love and beauty in this photo.   i cry looking at it.

we waited so long to meet little aaron, and when the time came for him to make his entrance, we welcomed him into this world with{lots of} loving and open arms.

it was a thursday and my mom, sister and i were anxiously texting throughout the day to share what may have been progressing in mama's labor.
the kids could hardly focus on school for fear that they would miss a beat.
we went to bed that night and i heard my phone do it's little dingy thingy and i knew.
he was here!
babies are such a precious, precious blessing.

on friday, we woke up anxious to make our way to the hospital, special gifts in tow.


before we left, i surprised the kids by taking them to our local grocer and letting them pick out a donut.
our local bakery makes the best donuts, fresh and hot every day.
my favorite are the apple fritters, but i restrained myself.  ;)

decisions decisions...


with our crinkly, sweet smelling bags in tow, we headed for the nearby town where my husband works as a car salesman, and where the fresh new babe was comfortably tucked in mama's arms.
don't you just love the fresh smell of a newborn baby?
there's just nothing like it.

we had planned on going to the city wide garage sales {in the town where he was born} that day anyway{perfect!}, so we stopped at a few houses before we met nathan at the hospital.

*can i just say that i had the best idea{thank you, Lord} that i've had in a long time and decided to give each of the kiddos $5 of their own to spend wisely throughout the day.
 it eliminated SO MUCH hassle and "no's!" from me.
i am definitely doing that again{but not necessarily with $5, that is kinda a lot}.
i think it's hysterical what some of the kids picked out!*

ahem.  back to the baby.

this is what we saw walking into the hospital.
i almost cried.
because that's what i do.
i get overwhelmed with emotion and tear up.
like several times a day.
my nephew is a dad.
a new chapter has just been written. precious, gorgeous, healthy, loved 
aaron matthew

isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?
we all had our turn at cuddling him, and then mama needed a break from a long and hard labor and delivery.
isn't she gorgeous?

this is my sister's son, brett.
aka proud papa. ;)

this picture makes me very happy.
and teary.

so after our grand adventure at the hospital, 
and locking my keys in the van at lunch,
we finished up our treasure hunting and headed home.


jack, jack, jack.  my little man.
do you want to know what he spent his money on?
*a power strip{that he immediately took home and hooked up in his room}
*a brand new ernest movie{remember ernest?}  yikes!
*plastic play dishes for the playhouse
*a truck
*scrapbooking paper
that equals pure bliss for jack. :)

maddie scored
*that rainbow glass in the above pic
*a vintage monopoly game{she had been on the prowl for monopoly}
*vintage strawberry shortcake sheet set
*scrapbooking paper


elly bought
*lots of great fabric
*embroidery hoops
*a vintage sewing board
*scrapbooking paper
do we see a  pattern here?

and henry.  oh! sweet henry!
he, too, bought{and was the discoverer of} 
*another ernest movie{GREAT!}

#jimvarneyincarnate  #classclown

*some plastic playhouse dishes
and then i had to fork out the other $2 to him because he didn't find anything else worth his money, i guess.


and i scored some great finds!
i bought 
*a hammock{$10}
*two adirondack chairs{$3 a piece!}
*vintage globe{$.50}
*ironstone pitcher{i collect ironstone $4}
*5 vintage tablecloths{$3.50}
*antique flour shaker{$.50}
and other randomness that is found while sifting through others peoples 'junk'!  :)

view from the hammock

so that was our perfectly wonderful day.
new baby.
family time.
garage sales.
minimal tears and fighting.
it was grand!

wouldn't it be SO.MUCH.FUN if we could go together?  
yes, please!

hope this finds you having a wonderful day!

p.s. IT'S  FRIDAY!!!



  1. Congrats on the new baby! He's too stinking cute! Makes my baby fever rumble! And girl, do you ever find great thrifting deals! I really need to come with you! And so cute that your boy bought a power strip and immediately plugged it in! Haha!

  2. i went garage saleling today....i've got my post scheduled for tomorrow, but most of the pictures from you garage sale loot are missing!! i can't see them...maybe it's just my computer?

    aren't little newborns the greatest gift? i love babies...and then they grow so fast. now my "baby" is 8 1/2.....ugh. he calls me his beloved though. cute right?

  3. You just gave me fever. Baby fever and garage sale fever.
    More of the baby fever though.
    what a bundle of sweetness!
    And I am totally going to try the moola trick for garage saling with the kids!


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