Monday, May 21, 2012

ups and downs of the weekend

well, well, well!
another weekend has flown by again and there was certainly no lack of action happening around here. 
from breaking out the good 'ol sewing machine{she behaved}, to kid parties, an ER visit, church potluck and back to the pharmacy on sunday, we covered a lot of bases.
how about you? did you have a relaxing weekend?
mine was, ummm, not so relaxing, but blessed in so many ways.

friday was a free for all for us.  
we i worked around the house,  the kids did a little school work, and a LOT of watching myth busters.
i was able to go for a {very hot} run, but then i was rewarded by uninterrupted hammock time.


on friday night, elly and i plugged in our old faithful{actually my mama's} sewing machine and got to work!  
saturday was a double birthday party for my sweet nephews and i wanted to make them an adventure bag.
my awesome friend, sandi, gave me the idea from this book, and hers turned out so awesome, 
i wanted to give it a try.
i didn't have the pattern or the book, so i sort of made up my own.
they were definitely not perfect, especially for my first try, but i think they came out okay.
i just used a hodge podge of vintage fabrics, new fabrics, and recycled clothes that i had on hand.
budget was the issue here, and i really couldn't go spend money on fabric.
here's a peek at what was inside.
i forgot about the compass. :/
the total for one bag's contents was $5.00.

for Lucas

the backside with a pocket


for Ethan

honestly, i was a little nervous about the boys liking these, but it turns out they LOVED them!
i was so blessed by that, and a few of my other nieces and nephews requested one, too.
that just did my heart good!
i have some more sewing to do, i guess.  ;)

here's a few highlights of the super fun kid party.
it was held at my in-laws beautiful 14 acre, set off on a long driveway, country abode.


now for the 'down' part of the weekend.
my husband has been battling a bad tooth for a while now and it decided to act up this weekend.
on saturday, he made a late night trip to the ER for antibiotics and pain killers until we could find a dentist to take care of it.
he endured looooong nights of intense pain, no sleep, and lots of vicodin.
i totally cringe to think of what those meds do to you, but the Lord knew what He needed at that time.
i made a trip after church on sunday for more meds and he waited it out, 
pacing and literally holding his jaw in complete pain.

i prayed and prayed and prayed as i lay in bed alone{he had to sleep on the couch}
that the Lord would just heal him and take the pain away.
i asked him to provide a dentist in the morning that would take him in and have mercy upon his poor mouth.

guess what?

he wasn't down for long, because the Lord is plentiful in mercy and compassionate to His own.
nathan was able to go without an appointment this morning and they took care of him right then.
God is so good! 
 i did a little happy dance and lots of giving praise to our awesome God today!
like i even need a reason to praise God.  #Guilty
i did not like seeing my man in pain so i was super relieved.
below is literal proof of my happy dance and my happy man when he showed up early from work to 
get some much needed rest...pain free.

 how was your weekend?
i am so excited to wrap up homeschooling for the year!
we have a few weeks left and then we are DONE with the bulk of it.
my motto:
i cannot wait to assemble and plant our raised bed gardens and spend time outside with the kiddos swinging in the hammock and enjoying fresh garden goodness.

it's going to be a wonderful week!


heading over to the sweet carissa's place today
miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. Mary, these are all so beautiful. So nice to meet you. Love your blog.

  2. Oh Sweet Mary! Can I please have an adventure bag??? What a FUN idea!!!

    Sorry about your hubbie's tooth- so glad it is all taken care of!

    Hooray for school winding down! I am so with ya there girlie!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. gooooooooooooood update and so happy to hear from you, you know why i've been behind :( glad your hubby will be OK, i am sure he's comfortable now with those meds:o

    cute bag and I loved seeing the party photos on IG, super fun and cute!!!

    I adore hammocks, wish I had one!

    Love you mary!!! thank you for always praying for me and being a rock for me...

  4. I love the bags! What a wonderful gift! I am so glad that your hubby is doing better, his smile says it all there in the pic of you two. Also, how exciting that you are planting a raised bed garden! Is this your first year doing it?
    Hope you have an awesome week! xoxo

  5. I have so much to say about this post! So glad that Nathan is feeling better first and foremost. Mouth pain is the worst! Especially when you can't sleep :( Um those bags- are AH-mazing! I need to do this for the little dudes in my life (nephews and neighbor boys). They would LOVE that. What program are you using that you were able to write on the pics to describe the ingredients for the adventure bag? I need to do that too! Looks like the party was a BIG HIT!

  6. Those bags are so cute! What a fun idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS I am so glad that you were able to get the tooth pain taken care of....I know it can be overwhelming!

  7. cute bags! and i can't believe you're wrapping up homeschool--congratulations! i'd like to finish up our spelling program, but we might have to work all summer to do it. i don't know, that shouldn't be a big deal, right? 20 minutes of spelling a day should be easy.....

    have a good day girl!

  8. those bags are SOOO cute! awesome gift!! sorry about your hub's bad tooth...i have dealt with that stuff painful! glad he's feeling better :)

  9. you are such a creative gal! love those bags. you crafty thing, you! what a fun adventure kit. you rock!!!


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