Friday, May 25, 2012

friday faves

happppy friday!!!
and you know what friday means, right?
it's time to take a peek into my life this last week via the best grainy photo app around! 

i've picked out my favorites from the week...some of you may have seen these already.  :)
some highs.
some lows.
a little bit of everything.
and a LOT of grace.  :)

getting ready to have a gourmet lunch at my besties is my fave.
asparagus, prosciutto, and smoked mozzerella pasta?  yes, please!
oh! and toasted coconut pineapple upside down cake, too. 
#WhatRawFoodDiet???  :)

making this necklace was my fave...until it wasn't.
doesn't it look puuuurdy?
yeah, well, after waiting three days for the resin to didn't.
ensue crying and overall bad attitude for a day and a half.
so, i'm over my hissy fit and there will be a post for this.
unless i screw up the second attempt...
...then i will just probably cry again and run it over with the van.

these eyes are my fave.
i think you can see why.
hello, sunshine!

flowers blooming are my fave.

homemade guacamole is my fave.
is it bad to be addicted to this stuff?
i make it at least 4 times a week,
1 avocado.
3 cherry tomatoes
onion chopped 
garlic salt
lime juice

sweet felt feel better cards are my fave.
this came as a result of me falling into a deep depression after the necklace fail.  

healthy donuts made in my kitchen are my fave.
these are the buckwheat pancake version with strawberry jam.
i'm soon going to do a whole post on our new favorite kitchen gadget.  :)

this view from the hammock is my fave.
but i think you already knew that.  :)

post run breakfast smoothies are my fave.
peanut butter
rice/almond/coconut milk
danielle gave me the brilliant idea{minus the protein}  :)

crafty reminders are my fave.

kid made tree forts at grandma's are my fave.
and so are those big brown eyes!

and last but not least,
days filled with grace and God's gentle reminders are my all time fave.
do you ever need this reminder?
i need it so much that this now resides right next to my bed. :)

i'm thanking the Lord for His goodness throughout the ups and downs of my week.
He reminded me that there are things that are really important, and things that just don't really matter.  

i hope you have a blessing filled weekend with your loved ones!
i'm thankful for the many men and women who have served, fought, and died so that we can have the many wonderful freedoms that we claim today.


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  1. i loved those necklaces....too bad they didn't turn out! i saw alicia's turned out cute but then i've seen two other people who's haven't! i'm scared to make 'em!! good luck on your next try!

  2. Very sweet ... minus the necklaces. :-)

  3. Those donuts look yummy! Too bad about the necklaces, but they were super cute. And peonies: I love peonies! I have three different kinds here, but the ANTS like them entirely too much and try to destroy them if I don't stay on top of it!

    Lovely photos, too. :)

  4. Love seeing all these pics. That guac looks AH-mazing! For real! Hope you're weekend was good Mary! :)

  5. Mary that fort is amazing what lucky kids, I remember when my son used to do this, the neclace will turn out the next time!
    Hape you had a great weekend!

  6. i'm glad i know the rest of the story... like how your necklaces turned out today!! woot!!! :)


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