Monday, February 6, 2012

brightly beaming

do you see that grin?
THAT is one happy boy.
you know why he is happy?
because of the person sitting across the table from him.

about a month ago, my husband started taking each one of our children out on a 'daddy date'.
he usually takes them out to breakfast on Tuesdays, his day off, to a very small local cafe.
and when i say small, you should see their bathroom.
your knees literally touch the wall when you're sitting down.
i had to text my mom for help to get me out once.
ok, not really, but it is a running joke between us.  :)

when it was Jack's turn to go to breakfast, daddy didn't have the day off.
his co-worker's wife just had a baby, and they needed nathan there to cover for him.
jack was devastated.
imagine these eyes staring you down in disappointment.
it's almost too much to bear.
{excuse the pea soup stained mouth}

i know.
daddy can't take it either, so on wednesday morning, bright and early, he snuck into jack's room and gently prodded him awake.
knowing what fate lie before him, jack jumped out of bed in a flash and got dressed.
by 6 a.m., they were feasting on breakfast fit for a king, or at least a daddy and his 'twin' son.

this leads me back to the same picture.

i love that there are certain things about it that only i, as his mother, would notice.
they wouldn't be nearly as special to anyone else.
like the fact that his sleeves are practically rolled up to his shoulders so he doesn't drag them in syrup.
we are constantly telling him to watch his sleeves!
or like the fact that jack doesn't smile naturally in pictures, so this beam says it all.
pure joy here, friends.
literally, this picture says a thousand words.
or maybe it's the man behind the camera.
the one that got up extra, extra early, to take his son out to breakfast, even though he worked that day.
the man whom God has blessed us with, a willing vessel for God, who tearfully desires for his children to grow up serving the Lord and loves them so much that it hurts.
we are so blessed.

today, i sort of feel like jack looks in that dark, grainy picture taken in the wee hours of that wednesday morning.
my heart is full.
my cup runneth over.
i have joy unspeakable.
you know why?

God is working in our lives.
He is answering prayers like i couldn't have imagined.
His goodness springs up like a well overflowing, and He gives us these answers, these affirmations that He really IS there, and He really DOES care.
just when i feel like quitting, He nudges me to keep praying, tells me there's still time, and that He hasn't forgotten me.
hope is not lost.

if you have ever doubted God's goodness, or His concern for you and your needs,
i encourage you, keep praying.
keep seeking answers.
He hears and He promises to answer you.
you are very important to Him.

i pray that our beam is bright and real, like jack's in that sweet picture.
one that isn't manufactured, and doesn't have to be forced.
one that can only come from joy springing up from the depths of our soul, because of Him.
the real deal.

this is what my morning looks like so far.  i have a list of things to accomplish and it's a mile long.  :)
maddie's birthday is tomorrow and there's lots to be done!
coffee: check!
notecards: check!
back up valentine candy: check!

have a wonderful week, sweets.
much love to you all.



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  1. This is a precious, beautiful post.

  2. I missed getting to read you for a couple days. What an awesome post. I really needed to read the last bit of it and let it soak in. Thanks :) Have a great week, Mary!

  3. yes...what a precious post indeed :) my hubby always likes to take the day off for the kids' bdays and take them out for breakfast. he loves it and they love it. special time with dad :) and i love your little desk cuteness!!

  4. What a cutie-pa-tooty! Special dates with Dad are so important. What a special day!
    So fun to read all the ways God is working in your life- He is good . . . all the time!
    Have a wonderFULL week celebrating with your sweet family!

  5. The Lord has truly blessed us. I want to take a moment once again to say you are a very talented writer and I am very excited to see God use your ability for His glory. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a precious heart filled post. I love the look on your son's face and why it is there. I praise God with you for a wonderful husband and father.

    Blessings to you, Amy

  7. He does care and He loves you so! the Lord's tender mercies never cease to amaze me.

    and what a sweet picture of joy in that boy of yours. a wed. breakfast with daddy is surely special!

  8. Hello sweet friend.....You made my day with this wonderful post. These precious gifts we have been given are only little for such a short while. And that time is so important. I see my oldest growing strong and sturdy like the oak trees in our backyard and I praise the Lord, but my heart is a little sad sometimes. We serve an AWESOME God.


  9. Because of HIM, THE REAL DEAL. Yes AmeN!

    such sweet pics of your boy/s! genuine love is the only love, and i know you're
    showing them's what you know of our Lord, so how could you not?
    I love that God is sooo soooo soo smart that He wants genuine love too. He doesn't want us to be puppets toward him, he doesn't want to MAKE us follow him or love Him. He wants us to choose Him genuinely, that is what is so beautiful about free will...anyway, ...xoxo

  10. Oh, how awesome. You are so inspiring! It makes my heart ache a little to think of how special our time is with these little ones. So excited our journey is being made by HIM! Thank you for your sweet encouragement! :D

  11. Oh, I just love this. Simply precious.

  12. Thank you for the sweet comment...I actually tried to eat grapefruit with sugar and it was soo gross...LOL
    The memory remains though! <3


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