Thursday, February 2, 2012

hello, february!

hello, february!
{a day late}

last week i didn't get as much done as i wanted to because of the kids being sick, 
but we are slowly catching up.
i have a huge pile of laundry staring at me in the living room.
i'm avoiding it quite well!
do any of you avoid laundry, too?
i totally used to be the queen of laundry.
i never had any dirty laundry sitting around.
it was always washed, folded, and put away e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.
ahhhhh....those were the days.
now i'm lucky if i don't have more than 4 loads backed up at any given time.
my family has been known to request socks, t-shirts, and more.

february is a big month for us.
you know how after Christmas everything is supposed to slow down for a bit?
yeah, well, not so much over here.
we have been blessed with lots of wonderful family,
and so we get to celebrate...a LOT!
in january, it was my mother-in-law's birthday, 
a niece and a nephew's birthday
and my in-law's anniversary.
got that?  i can hardly keep up either.
and if you think february is going to slow down...
....well, it's not.  :)
january was just the warm-up.

february brings us more birthdays....
my niece,
my sister-in-law,
another niece,
my second born,
my first born,
and my third born.
all within two weeks of each other!
then of course there is valentines day in the middle of all that, too.
can you say party animals?
i might just go a little crazy town, so if you think of me, it isn't a mistake.
just start praying! :)

in order to accomplish all of this sanely, i started planning for madelyn's birthday about a month ago.
she loves everything cupcake, sparkles, and pink with polka dots, so we will be having a cupcake themed party for her.
i raided the target dollar section{do you really save money???}, 
and i am making a cupcake banner for her, too.
we will make cupcakes{of course!} and color the house with sparkles, pink, and fun.  :)

                                       now that you know what we'll be doing this month, how about you?
do you have any big plans?
life is always so full and i usually feel like i didn't get enough done each day, 
but there's always tomorrow, late nights, laundry piles sitting for days.
the Lord always works it out, especially if i ask for His help.
why don't i ask more often?
He is so good at filling in my gaps and strengthening my {many}weaknesses.
do you struggle to get everything done, too?

can you even imagine someone giving up this pie?
my angel mother-in-law left it in our car for us after church on sunday night.
she left heavy whipping cream, too.
it. was. delicious.

we managed to make it out of the house for the first time in WEEKS since the chillins were sick.
we had eye appointments and it was sooo nice to get some fresh air.
goodbye, hermit phase.

and since we were on a roll, we headed to our new and improved library.
our little town just upgraded and it is soooo nice.
what a blessing!

i received another etsy treasure, too.
i am loving all of this home made goodness!
there is something so special about hand made treasures, that people pour their heart into, that i love.
stay tuned for more on that.
jack had the cuuutest little 'run in' with it today at lunch.
it involves him not wanting to finish his food....again.

well, it's about that time.
back to the laundry, supper, and my personal favorite, vacuuming!

no, really, i mean it.
i {heart} vacuuming.
i could write a whole post about it.
someday i think i will.

until then,
please pray for nathan.
he got the bug.
and  i landed a big. fat. cold sore.
it's the size of texas, friends.
and i mean that.

favorite banner from {here}

have a wonderful week!




  1. Whew, sounds like a busy 2012 already! Love the cupcake theme idea! I went to target (suprise, suprise) and saw cute little cupcake gift bags. Have a great night, Mary!

  2. Wow, girl, you are busy! Hope everyone gets well and stays well.

    God bless you. amy

  3. I'm taking deep breaths for you right now. Life is crazy isn't it?? Well when I think of you I WILL pray! Hang in there!! And I can't wait to see the cupcake party! So fun!!
    And that pie is SO cute! Love how she used cookie cutters for the crust! I'm gonna have to steal that cute idea!
    Hope you get a restful night's sleep and have a super productive Friday! Blessings to you!!

  4. your banner there looks A.dorable!!

    i hope you're able to stay sane amidst the madness. i just had a friend here for a week and my mom is coming for a week in five days...then more visitors two weeks later...then more visitors two weeks after that. so, ya...i hear ya sista! :)

  5. haha you crack me UP! This had me LOLing,
    I'm glad to hear the kiddies are feeling better, that can be so rough!
    so nice to catch up with you and i like the photos you included! THAT PIE, are you joking me?! What is with the snowman cookies on it? that's really cool...looked delish, I might need to bake my maple pumpkin pie soon, that inspired me to !

    and yes I avoid laundry and everyday practically feel like I don't do enough...xoxoxo

  6. very nice pics!!! following you now...

    visit my blog!!!


  7. You have a darling blog! We become total hermits too when the kiddos are sick too...makes leaving the house again so fun :)

  8. Welcome to February! The sun will soon be shining....we are blessed and if it makes you feel any better....that is exactly what my laundry room looks like :)


  9. what fun pictures. girl, if january was just the beginning, whoa! : ) i used to be good at laundry, but then i had kids. ; )


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