Friday, February 24, 2012

:::food on friday:::

i love food.
a lot. lot,
so i decided to share this yummy in my tummy quick supper that we had the other day.
it's not earth shattering new or anything, just an old favorite with a twist.
a little healthier, maybe?

stuffed grilled cheese

i started with my fave bread.
i'm not a fan of ezekiel bread, because it's too dry for my taste, but this is amazing!
trader joe's sprouted bread is equally as yummy.

add your cheese.
and lots of it.
we chose pepper jack, cheddar and swiss.
i try not to buy shredded cheese, because of the anti-clumping agents{cellulose} in it, 
but it's what i had in the fridge. 
fresh is best!

cut up and  saute your veggies.
we chose peppers and onions, sauteed in coconut oil.
i love coconut oil.
mmmmmm....wouldn't baby portabellas be amazing?  and spinach?

once your veggies are tender, pile it on,

and fry it up!

{oh, and ignore that ginormous pile of newman's own cheese dip}

i think i burnt it, which is no surprise at all, 
but it was still yummy.

we added some of our  favorite chips in the whole wide world.
go buy some right now!
i know chips aren't necessarily healthy, 
but because this is real life, we eat chips.
we just try to eat better ones.
if there is such a thing! 


happy eating!

have a wonderful weekend!


linking up with sweet Becky
from Farmgirl Paints


  1. um... YUMMMMMMMMM! I WILL be making these... Soon!

  2. YUMMMYYYY!!! That looks SOOO good!! I am worried about one thing though...your flipper is super cute, but what if you get paint chips in your food? I'm thinking about your health here, sister...and lead paint is not your friend. ;)

  3. look so good!! I will definitely be trying these myself! And the coconut oil...i've never cooked with that and can't to try it out! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love sprouted bread!!! This is sort like a panini then, I love IT!
    Hmmm mmm good is right, thanks mary! I am a grilled cheese fanatic!

  5. this looks delicious and healthy! win-win!!! i must try the trader joe's brand. i am okay with Ezekiel but IT is so very dry. happy weekend, lovely lady!!!

  6. ohhh my! not sure if that looks healthy, but i'll take your word for it;) wish it was right here in front of me. i'm all of a sudden starving! thanks for linking up:)

  7. These look amazing!! My mouth is watering and I want to try very soon!

    I may have to fix grilled cheese for breakfast now!

  9. that looks absolutely delish! grilled cheese sandwiches are so much better on nice thick whole grain bread. i still make them on white for my kids...i can't say they like seeds/nuts in their bread like i do!! maybe one day? thanks for sharing, i'm definately going to try this!


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