Saturday, February 25, 2012

do the right thing

hello, saturday!
hello, sweet friends!

i am dropping in to thank you so very much for being the sweetest friends ever and for praying for me.
i have been feeling so much better over the last few days, mentally AND physically.
one thing that i must never forget is that the Lord is faithful.
He is truly our Help in time of need.
keep the prayers coming, though!

i love saturdays.
they usually consist of pajamas, coffee, cleaning and sometimes decorating.
this morning i got the itch to rearrange a few things around here{i stopped at a 'thrifty' store yesterday and picked up some fresh finds}.  love
and nathan, you did not just read that.  i repeat, i said nothing about new thrifty things.  ;) 
anyway, that's for a different time.  focus, mary!

so the real reason that i am writing, is to show you this adorable mini pennant banner that i ordered from an etsy shop called dear nicole.

i fell in love with this banner right away, and thought it would be perfect to display in our home 
as a constant reminder to, the right thing! 

Do The Right Thing canvas mini-pennant banner

they have some seriously cute things going on over there...

Aqua and Red "this little light of mine" Glass Tile Pendant and Silver Ball Chain

gray fabric rosette necklace

felt bow necklace

adorable, right?

well, i happen to love my banner and i had fun moving things around while i was cleaning in my jammies this morning.
without further ramblings....
here is how the package came.
i am such a sucker for cute packaging!
and getting things in the mail.
this purchase was a double score.   :)


pssssst....that little chippy baby doll cradle is one of my recent finds.  :)

so there you have it.
what do you think? adorable, right?
and this baby is already fulfilling it's life purpose.
one day while we were eating lunch, jack was sorta complaining about not wanting to finish his food{the norm}.
he looked up and saw the banner, and guess what?  he kept eating!  no joke.  isn't that funny?
i think you should head over to dear nicole and check everything out.  

are you still in your pajamas?
did you dust the top of your toilet off today, too?
have you had three cups of coffee?
madelyn just finished making funfetti cupcakes, so i gotta go clean some more.  ;)
hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


please continue to pray for the cretzman missionary family.
azlynn's funeral is monday, and they are facing some seriously tough days ahead.
God is their strength, but they need our prayers.


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet post!

    Your banner looks fantastic on your wall... I'm envious of that space... it's adorable!


  2. I love getting fun things in the mail too! It's kind of like a rush. I don't know... is that weird? :) I didn't have a fun saturday :( I had to sit through an 8 hr class for work, now it's study study study. my professors sure like to cram tests in before a break. Can't wait until this next week is over. Then it's on to spring break! I did have plenty of coffee today though :D Hope you're having a great Saturday, sweet friend :)

  3. Love your banner and where you have it hanging. Certainly a great reminder.

  4. oH MARY those are the sweetest pics of around your house, too cute banner, :0

    so relieved you are feeling loved and feeling God's love. WE know it's a TRuth and always there, but we don't always "feel" it, so PTL for this post!

  5. Oh my cuteness!
    Must go shopping now.
    Funny thing, I just prayed those words this morning- "Lord, help me to do the right thing"
    Don't you think that means I need one of those banners too?
    Happy Monday my dear! Hope you have a wonderful productive week!!

  6. that banner is fantastic.

    i'm praying for you, my dear! may the Lord bring you great comfort, indeed.

    and that precious family. i got chills reading their story. praying peace will rush over them like nothing else. phew. so sad.


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