Friday, April 6, 2012

33 things

i'm 22 33 today.
thirrrrty threeeee, friends!
in honor of this very special event, i thought it might be fun to share 33 total random things about me.
maybe, maybe not.
either way, i stole the idea from heather.  i hope she doesn't mind. :)

1.  i am a Bible believing, mercy needing, Christ indwelling, blood bought sinner, saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

2.  my favorite shoes in the whole world are TOMS.  teal corduroy, please.

3.  if i could  hire an interior decorator, it would most definitely be Nancy Fishelson.

4.  i grew up being teased and tormented about my red frizzy hair, coke bottle glasses, and freckles.
i'm over it, i think.

5.  green mountain coffee {vanilla} is my favorite.

6.  i teach a pre-k/kindergarten sunday school class.  LOVE my kids.

7.  i used to be really 'on top' of the laundry, but now i have to re-'fluff' the clothes in the dryer every.single.load.
sometimes i even have to rewash a load, like yesterday.

8.  i don't like loud chewing or the sound of  fingernail clippers{especially in church!}.

9.  i sleep in sweatpants with socks{preferably tube socks} pulled over the top, and a sweatshirt with the hood up{and tied} in the colder months.  caauuuuutie patootie!

10.  i believe that the Bible is the revealed, inspired, and preserved  Word of God.
 the Word is alive!

11.  i love to decorate with early american antiques and french grain sacks.

12.  i love, love, love white and neutrals.  i want to paint my whole house white inside, and layer white and neutral accessories all over.  soooo calming.
i love color, too, though.  :/

13.  i sleep with a fan on every.single.night.

14.  we don't normally start home school until 9:30 a.m.  that's just the way it is.

15.  my heart breaks a little when i think about unborn babies who never see the light of day.

16.  whenever i am sad or sick, i put on my favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice, snuggle in, and fall asleep.

17.  cadbury mini eggs.  country living magazine.  $2.00 bag sales.

18.  my husband and i have a home based business.

19. i totally freak out when driving over bridges.  scary!

20.  my husband lost his very good job a few years ago, and we lost everything{financially}.
we had to start from scratch, but i wouldn't trade that time in the valley for anything.

21.  my husband is currently a car salesman, but desires to preach the gospel of Jesus full time.
we are waiting on direction from God.
oh! and he is the best husband and daddy EVER.

22.  i used to always wear black, because {i thought}  it was slimming and classy, but now i wear anything but.
now it's color color color!

>>>--->are you bored yet?<---<<<

23. kombucha is my favorite drink of all time.

24.  i am fiercely protective of my kids{who isn't?}.  when they get hurt, momma bear claws come out, but i decided to let God fight for them, so i don't have to.   much better.

25.  i love to craft and create!

26.  cleaning and organizing is like therapy for me.  i love the sense of accomplishment when everything is tidy and just where it should be.  weird, i know.

27.  i could live without meat, because i really love veggies!

28.  lavender is my favorite essential oil scent, ever.

29.  i yell more than i like to admit.  i have a short temper and need grace on a minute by minute basis.
no joke.

30.  i have always had acne, and it got worse when i was an adult.  what i learned about nutrition, whole food supplementation, and diet is totally changing my face and it's clearer today than it has been for years.  i still have the scars, though.   they keep me humble.  i am also a chronic nail biter.  :/
hey! that was a two-fur!

31.  i am not a good hostess.  i desire to be more hospitable, and to show Christ's love in that way.

32.  i recently removed my follower button, because my happiness should not hinge on those numbers, but it did.  i pray that God will bring those whom He will my way, and that i can be a blessing to others through this outlet.

33.  i love old gospel hymns the bestest!

well, there you go.  
33 things about me. 
are you still awake? 
can we still be friends? 
ok, good.  :)

i'm off to spend the day with my husband!
he's been torturing me with his surprise all week.
for real.  torturing.

the birthday girl


  1. haaaaaappppy birthdaaaaaay!!!!!! yeah!!! i love your list. you are too funny :) i love shaklee. have been a user for years. i could def be a vegitarian. i love lavendar. i love to craft, create, and organize. AND i hope you have an awesome surprise!!! yeah! xo, a

  2. you are invited to follow my blog

  3. HAppy Birthday to YOU sweet friend! Oh my goodness, this list made me love you even more! We have SO MANY similarities! I too extremely dislike the sound of chewing- like I need to leave the room when my kids are eating cereal or my hubbie is eating carrots! Thank you for making me feel better about starting school at 9:30!! I could go on and on . . . but just know that I am so thankful God had our paths cross. I am so excited to read all about your birthday surprise! Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!

  4. happy birthday to you ... you are such a sweet friend! and i just chuckle everytime i learn more about you ... because we are sooo much alike! i love neautrals, i also teach pre-k/kindergarten sunday school and the list goes on and on! i pray that you are blessed today and feel oh so loved! happy birthday weekend to ya!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday again, friend!!!! We have more in common than I thought! TOMS = love. Yes, I am in love with TOMS. I am going to buy some burlap ones... soon! I also sleep with a fan on every single night! Old hymns are THE BEST! And I have an extremely short temper as well.

    Thanks for number 32 :)

    Have a wonderful birthday, Mary!

  6. happy birthday to you! i'll be 34 on the 26th! :) we definitely have a lot in common... particularly #4. :) have the loveliest of easter weekends! :)

  7. Happy {late!} birthday Mary!! I wish we were neighbors {or siblings!!} because are so much alike!!! I need a fan to sleep too! and the loud chewing and clipping- aww! I thought I was the only one! :P lol!! Much love to you, sister!! :D

  8. Well HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I AM SORRY I MISSED IT MARY! Was it a good one? I was so engulfed in Jesus on Friday, I barely saw the light of day, so I am sorry I missed your post here....

    Oh this was so fun to go through, oh man I am sorry you got teased about your hair and freckles, awful :(
    I have never heard of your favorite drink...fill me IN!? it's Organic too?!

    I will have to try that coffee you mentioned, Green Mountain, is that right? Vanilla....? mmmm

    I didn't know that about your husband losing his job like that you and you guys going through financial turmoil, but I can see how it was probably one of the best things that's ever happened to you both..see finding beauty!
    I love your style and I'm glad you don't wear just black anymore!

    Love you friend, and happy belated birthday from me to you!

  9. I'm seriously late on this, but I'm going thru some of your older posts ( because there aren't any new ones! hint hint! :) ) and i LOVE reading these tid bits about you, we have so many things in common. I don't know how we started following each other on IG, but I'm so glad I found you girl! :)
    And Happy belated birthday!


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