Tuesday, April 3, 2012

this is what he does

raise your hand if you like surprises.
since you can't see me, let me just say that my hand is not raised.
i am allergic to surprises.
they make me sick to my stomach, and i get hives, i think.
my husband has plans for this friday because it is my birthday and his lipsaresealed.
the kids lips are sealed, too.  believe me, i've tried to get it out of them.
it's really killing me because i happen to be sort of a control freak, and i like to know what is going on. 
i need to plan where the kids will be, what i need to be ready for, or what i should bring.

i know two things.
1. i have to be ready by 10 a.m. friday morning.
2. the girls are spending the night at a friends on thursday night.

i may not make it if i don't find out soon...
*itching ensues*
what i do know today, is that my kindergarten 'helper' is feeling better.
yesterday when i took him to the dentist for a filling, he ended up needing the tooth pulled because there was an abscess.
talk about feeling like a bad mother.
he had a humongous puss pocket on his gum line and i didn't even know!
thank the Good Lord  he had an appointment so it was taken care of right away.
check out this monster of a tooth.  grody.
everything was fine and dandy until the numbness wore off.
soon, weeping and wailing could be heard for miles and it ended in a nap for him, and me. :)
thankfully today he is feeling better.
like waaaaay better.  

i saved the day my reputation by finding where the tooth fairy 'accidentally' left his money.
you moms out there know what i mean...ahem.
you can't remember them all, right?!  
it was under his brothers pillow, duh.
great job tooth fairy.

i thought i would show you a few of the things that this neglected kindergarten home schooled child has gotten into just this morning. 
if you home school, you may understand that the littlest ones are sometimes hard to keep pinned down.

 help me.

isn't he a cutie?

never a dull moment, right? 
and this is all before lunch.  befoooooore lunch!

i might be back later with my march photo collages, but we'll have to see what comes of the rest of this beautiful, energy filled day!



  1. oh girl!!!! what the heck?! i have to say that tooth is pretty cool. i kinda like gross stuff sometimes. noah had one like that and i secretly loved it! i saved it to show my mom and never could find it again...wonder where that ended up?? eeek!

  2. OOOOOHHHH!! Can't wait to see what your fun surprise is!! Oh how fun! And HAPPY early birthday!! SO FUN!
    Sorry about your cutie pa-tooties tooth- youch! And our tooth fairy has often misplaced the money. So hard to find a good one these days!
    My Addy will be in kindergarten next year and I'm already wondering how in the world I will have enough time to teach one more! So thankful I'm not doing it alone! We can do ALL things with Him!

  3. Your son is cute to the max! :) Love the pics with the cat.
    And Happy Birthday early!! I like giving surprises way better than being surprised so I can relate to your anxiety. But in the end...after the surprise I'm ALWAYS blessed. You will be too. What fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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