Thursday, April 5, 2012

march in pictures:::done and done!

i can hardly even handle that we are in april already. 
how can i feel like i'm moving in slow motion sometimes, yet life is flying by?
in february, i committed to making photo collages of each months pictures
with the hopes of printing them all off at the end of the year to store in a homemade book.
i am terrible at having pictures developed and i get overwhelmed with it, so this is a way i can handle 
the picture thing.
i want to do this for my family.
tangible glimpses of the days, months, and years as they pass by right before our eyes.
each photo is a piece of the puzzle that fit together to tell our story.
proof of how we 'spent' our days.

 "we spend our years as a tale [that is told]."
Psalm 90:9

march was full and fun!
we had several 'firsts' and lots of laughs.
here is a portion of our tale...

from top left going clockwise:
first auditions...done!
running as a team this time
niece and nephews baby shower
spring came early
henry singing
our easter garden
just jack and momma
flowers for mom

from top left going clockwise:
road trip to babysit nieces and nephews
silly fun with cousins
tea party at my besties house
hank and his kitty
hill of calvary
greenhouse hunting
hill of calvary, again
coffee break

may we enjoy each and every fleeting moment.


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  1. i love these collages so much! it's such an awesome project. so easy to stick to...cheers to april!!


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